Coffee Cake Streusel Muffins

Coffee Cake Streusel Muffins by Betsy's Best

The smell in the house that this coffee cake streusel muffin recipe creates will wake up the family and have them rushing to the kitchen to see what is in the oven! The sweet taste of cinnamon and the crumbly texture of the nut butter topping makes this muffin recipe a winner!

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Cabbage Kheer

Cabbage Kheer by Nupur UKrasoi

Delicious and unusual milk pudding made with Cabbage. An interesting and healthy twist to the popular Indian dessert

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Holiday Magical Bars Made Skinny

Holiday Magical Bars Made Skinny by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

Many of you know these outrageously delicious bars as Magic Bars or Hello Dollys. I’m calling them, “Magical Bars” because they are just that. In fact, they’re probably the best bars ever created! They’re super rich and decadent. These magical bars require no mixing and best of all, you don’t sacrifice flavor for the lack of work!…

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super easy cheese cake pie

super easy cheese cake pie by emily howell maples

use sugar free and fat free ingredients fora great desert i make this frequently for company

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