Raspberry espuma or foam

Raspberry espuma or foam by Guest of winter

Maybe you've never heard about the iSi Whip, which I use for making whipped cream since some years ago, because there's no other device as good for serving perfectly whipped cream, straight from the bottle. Mr. Ferrán Adriá,the famous Spanish cook, in a quest to provide espumas, foams, mousses, or whatever you want to call them…

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Sour berries jam

Sour berries jam by Gourmandelle LifestyleBlog

A few days ago I visited my boyfriend’s parents and of course I returned home with lots of bags filled with fruits and veggies. I had about 2 kg of sour berries and I did not want them to spoil so I decided to make some jam. The recipe below is calculated for 1 kg of sour berries, resulting a 850g jar filled with sourly, cinnamon…

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Simple Creamy Fudge

Simple Creamy Fudge by Barbara Ferrell

Fudge no longer has to be difficult to make. Decades ago, I got this recipe from the Condensed Milk Can. Haven't found it for many years. It always works without complicating the process or using candy thermometers. The brands have gyped consumers on the ounces, from 16 ounces to just over 14. This threw off the recipe. I still use 18…

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