Ponche segoviano or Segovia layer cake

Ponche segoviano or Segovia layer cake by Guest of winter

This beautiful cake consists of several layers of cake drenched in boozy syrup, with an egg yolk cream between them, and with a thick layer of marzipan covering the whole thing... the perfect dessert for Segovia's cold winters.

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Chocolate Éclairs Recipe from Scratch | Choux Pastry with Basic Vanilla Custard Filling

Chocolate Éclairs Recipe from Scratch | Choux Pastry with Basic Vanilla Custard Filling by Nitha Kitchen

Couple of months I haven’t tried any of the baking partners challenge. Even this month I completed this choc Éclairs recipe at last minute. Now before going to recipe in detail let me explain about éclairs and what I did…

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Traditional Christmas Fruit & Rum Cake

Traditional Christmas Fruit & Rum Cake by Hina Gujral

I can't believe it's almost end of the year and finally I am baking the most awaited cake of the year, the traditional Christmas Cake, which is one of my favorite cakes from my childhood days but I baked this for the first time and it is simply decadent.

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Pastas del Consejo or Council cookies

Pastas del Consejo or Council cookies by Guest of winter

Pastas del Consejo, meaning Council cookies, are typical Madrilenian confections, one among the many specialties of one of the more traditional pastry shops in Madrid, El Riojano, located at number 10 the Calle Mayor. They are small cookies in the form of a double spiral, also shaped as small rolls, as the famous panecillos de San…

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Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake by jai yadav

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Swiss Meringue

Swiss Meringue by Samantha Rivera

So as you may remember from an earlier post that I have never made Meringue. Being brought up with a healthy eating JammyMummy we had loads of scrumptious food, but, I don't remember meringue. Gingerbreadgran didn't cook it either. This probably explains its absence from my residual cooking memory. Inspired by this evenings…

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Paciencias, Castilian cookies

Paciencias, Castilian cookies by Guest of winter

Paciencias are small round crispy cookies typical from various parts of Castilla, the central part of Spain.

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Nescafe Walnut Tiramisu

Nescafe Walnut Tiramisu by Navaneetham Krishnan

Pleasurable; assembled with store bought ingredients; lady fingers drizzled with Nescafe and layered with cream cheese, crunchy walnuts and cocoa powder.

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Peanut Butter Browndies

Peanut Butter Browndies by Hina Gujral

Talking about these gorgeous Browndies, now you must be thinking what the hell is Browndie, so here's the story for you... When I put them in the oven for baking till then they were suppose to be Blondies but then I got a call from my friend and by the time I checked my oven these ladies looked nowhere near Blondies, when my husband…

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Chocolate Genoise

Chocolate Genoise by Navaneetham Krishnan

Light, crumbly and melt in the mouth cake.

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Madeleines by Christine

I had been longing to make madeleines or small French Sponge Cake for quite some time. All this while, I postponed the idea of making madeleines because I could not find the shell shaped molds typically designed for madeleines. I thought I would not be exactly baking madeleines if I didn't bake the cake in pans with shell-shaped…

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Zabaglione Gelato

Zabaglione Gelato by Evelyn Scott

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MANGO UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE by Priyanka Bhattacharjee

Summers are wonderful in Bangalore coz the heat is not scroching and the best part is that we get mangoes everywhere. And its one of my favourite fruit, but with the change in my office timing I didnt time to buy them. Finally just before mom came I had cut down on sleep and got those lovely, plumby , yellow mangoes.......YUMMY...!!!!…

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Lemon Pound Cake

Lemon Pound Cake by Hina Gujral

This pound cake batter is so versatile that it can be baked into a loaf or Bundt pan or pound cake mold, stir in some fresh raspberries, blueberries or dark chocolate chips but keeping in mind the dry and dull weather I added fresh lemon juice for the flavor and the combination is totally divine, I made one loaf for ourselves and…

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Classic Genoise (Sponge Cake)

Classic Genoise (Sponge Cake) by Navaneetham Krishnan

Super light and super moist with a buttery richness.

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