Jalebi Recipe

Jalebi Recipe by Hina Gujral

Jalebi Recipe, a conventional Indian sweet, which needs no defining introduction. This deep-fried pretzel like sweet – dish from India is well celebrated among the food lovers. The batter prepared with white flour defined into twisted and tangled concentric circles, deep-fried till crunchy and later dunked in saccharine sugar syrup.

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Churros by Dominick Costa

Being in New York City, you are often surprised with crazy and random surprises. Everyday there is something, whether it be on the subway, walking down the street or in a restaurant. One of my favorite surprises is walking into a subway, and there will be someone selling Churros off of a sheet pan, two for $1! I’m always a sucker, and…

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Crepe Rolls with Chocolate Cream, Chestnut Puree and Plum Jam

Crepe Rolls with Chocolate Cream, Chestnut Puree and Plum Jam by Gourmandelle LifestyleBlog

The great thing about it is that you can use any filling you like. I used homemade chocolate cream, chestnut puree and plum jam. All these fillings are very healthy and sugar-free. I’ll post their recipes in the near future.

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Semolina (Rava) Ladoo

Semolina (Rava) Ladoo by Navaneetham Krishnan

Traditional Indian sweet with a pleasing scent of ghee and nutmeg.

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Sufganiyot or Jelly Doughnuts

Sufganiyot or Jelly Doughnuts by Farrell May Podgorsek

Traditional at Hanukkah but great any time of year. These are so addicting. The biscuit-type dough melts in your mouth. We have filled them with all types of jelly, and even a piece of chocolate. These are good enough to justify pulling out the deep fryer.

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