Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel by Arlene Rinaldo

This is a simple recipe that all my friends love, and I would like to share it with you. Since this is the first recipe that I have posted, I am still learning how to do it. Do be careful handling the pan with the hot caramel syrup as it gets very hot and can burn your skin. The pan can be easily cleaned by boiling lots of water…

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Little Baked Custards

Little Baked Custards by Michael R. Long

This is a great little dessert. I get 4 servings out of this, Which works great for my wife and I. This way I can make a dessert for two days at once. And then do something else the night after that. This gives us a change instead of having a big cake or pie, or something from the store... There isn't a whole lot to do on these,…

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Rich Orange Flan

Rich Orange Flan by David St. John

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Panacotta. (Italian cream custard)

Panacotta. (Italian cream custard) by Les

Very delicious but quite rich so don't 'pig out'

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Galatobouriko (Greek Custard Pastry)

Galatobouriko (Greek Custard Pastry) by Kyle Dalakas

Galatobouriko (Greek Custard Pastry) is an authentic, luscious Greek dessert made with buttery filo dough, creamy custard filling and a honey lemon syrup! Delicious and decadent!

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