Apple cream

Apple cream by Guest of winter

A soft and light apple cream with cider and eggs, delicious on its own but good as a filling too.

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Amaretto Creme Brulee

Amaretto Creme Brulee by Deborrah Justice

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Basic Baked custard

Basic Baked custard by Peter Brown

A tasty, simple and inexpensive dessert that can be made with a wide range of flavours and served with many different additions. Some of the delicious flavour options include sago custard, caramel custard, coffee custard, chocolate custard and coconut custard, all of which can be accompanied by just about anything one can think of:…

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Oh the pretty little Puff Pastry Cream Puffs!

Oh the pretty little Puff Pastry Cream Puffs! by Nick Roche

Pretty doesn't mean you have to be difficult! These little bite size cream puffs go from kitchen to belly in no time flat. Oh of course, you can go through the process of preparing your own puff pastry; however, with your busy schedule, how does one find the time anymore? With our modern conveniences, you can now purchase ready made…

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Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee by Mark Tabak

My claim to fame. Not quite so traditional, I use whole eggs and milk to lighten it up a little bit.

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Pumpkin Panna Cotta

Pumpkin Panna Cotta by Carolinaheartstrings

Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert that has a dairy base combined with gelatin and sweetened. Basically it is a pudding and there are many varieties that add chocolate, fruit, nuts or spices. It is believed that it originated in Northern Italy where there are plenty of creameries and the thickening was the result of boiling with fish…

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Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd by Evelyn Scott

This recipe is delicious on the ricotta pancakes (see recipe) Can also be used as the filling for many different desserts requiring lemon custard-like filling.

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creme caramel

creme caramel by Brett Ede

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Galatobouriko (Greek Custard Pastry)

Galatobouriko (Greek Custard Pastry) by Kyle Dalakas

Galatobouriko (Greek Custard Pastry) is an authentic, luscious Greek dessert made with buttery filo dough, creamy custard filling and a honey lemon syrup! Delicious and decadent!

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Panacotta. (Italian cream custard)

Panacotta. (Italian cream custard) by Les

Very delicious but quite rich so don't 'pig out'

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Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee by Kyla


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Mango Pulp Fruit Salad

Mango Pulp Fruit Salad by Sharada Kakarla

With weather changing... this may be a nice dish for kids specially to eat variety of fruits in a different way. WIth Mango flavor, most of kids, as well as adults like the blended taste of mango, ice cream and freshly cut fruits. Any fruit can be added per choice. I generally try to make sure of banana which tastes pretty good in…

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Little Baked Custards

Little Baked Custards by Michael R. Long

This is a great little dessert. I get 4 servings out of this, Which works great for my wife and I. This way I can make a dessert for two days at once. And then do something else the night after that. This gives us a change instead of having a big cake or pie, or something from the store... There isn't a whole lot to do on these,…

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