Coffee Cake Streusel Muffins

Coffee Cake Streusel Muffins by Betsy's Best

The smell in the house that this coffee cake streusel muffin recipe creates will wake up the family and have them rushing to the kitchen to see what is in the oven! The sweet taste of cinnamon and the crumbly texture of the nut butter topping makes this muffin recipe a winner!

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Amazing Skinny Red Velvet Cupcakes for Your Sweetheart

Amazing Skinny Red Velvet Cupcakes for Your Sweetheart by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

Sprinkles in Beverly Hills makes a very popular Red Velvet cupcake. People line up outside to buy one of these yummers. I thought it might be fun to remake them skinny! They taste sinfully delicious when frosted with my Skinny Cream Cheese Frosting. And, one of these dreamy cakes has 225 calories, 7.7g fat and 6 Weight Watchers…

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Coconut Angel Food Cupcakes

Coconut Angel Food Cupcakes by Peanut Butter and Peppers

A light and airy cupcake topped with a coconut infused cream cheese frosting and sweetened shredded coconut.

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