Badam Halwa(Almond Fudge) using Xylitol

Badam Halwa(Almond Fudge) using Xylitol by Sensibleveg

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol and can be used a substitute for sugar. It is found naturally in fibers of many fruits and vegetables. For people with diabetes the best form of natural sugar alternate are Xylitol and Stevia. With a low glycemic index, xylitol doesn't have any aftertaste. Xylitol also doesn't cause any cavities like sugar…

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Orange Cappuccino Chocolate Creams

Orange Cappuccino Chocolate Creams by Culinary Envy

Orange Cappuccino Chocolate Creams are tasty, easy chocolate candies. 2 chocolates and citrus mocha flavor in one elegant bite.

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Linda's English Toffee

Linda's English Toffee by Linda

This recipe won Best of Show at the Medina County Fair, 2010, Hondo, TX When I made this for the fair entry there were a few pieces left over. My husband immediately ate them and then offered to buy me a new Cadillac if I would make him more. I did but have yet to see the Cadillac.

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