Cranberry Volcano Brownie

Cranberry Volcano Brownie by Robyn Savoie

Are you staying at home this Valentine's Day for dinner? It's all the rage now. Looking for the simple but perfect dessert for a special evening? Here it is! A creamy, moist and rich brownie that will have your taste buds begging for more. You won't just be able to have one serving. Top each brownie serving with whipped cream…

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Best Almond Butter Brownies Recipe

Best Almond Butter Brownies Recipe by Betsy's Best

If gooey brownie are your thing then this is a delicious gluten-free decadent brownie recipe that you will love. Hints of cinnamon blends well with the cocoa powder and the almond butter and honey make for the perfect texture of a moist brownie.

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Speedy Good Brownies

Speedy Good Brownies by Jennifer Blair

We made these brownies for my son's Cub Scout den. They went crazy over them. They are so easy my 8yo made these with a little help. They were so much fun for him, he learned measurements, he didn't even know he was getting a math lesson. SHHHHHHHH don't tell him. We used mini Reece's Pieces, but you could use any chip or candy you…

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Guinness Stout Brownies

Guinness Stout Brownies by Keely Locke

The original version of these brownies was developed in Ireland. The malt in the Guinness stout beer intensifies the flavor of the chocolate in these delicious brownies. The texture is an interesting combination of fudge, mousse, candy, and traditional brownies. Although decadently chocolate, they are surprisingly light due to the…

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Mint Chocolate Chip Dessert

Mint Chocolate Chip Dessert by viper

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