Mango Jam

Mango Jam by Ambreen

Mango Jam ... Homemade mango jam recipe with mangoes, sugar, and lemon. A delicious fruit spread for the bread. As mangoes are in season & are plentiful in the market, it is just the time for making jams.

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Gluten Free Blueberry Streusal Muffins

Gluten Free Blueberry Streusal Muffins by Gratefully Gluten Free

Moist Blueberry Muffins made gluten free and packed with juicy blueberries! Topped with a buttery streusal!

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Classic Churros con Chocolate

Classic Churros con Chocolate by Mhe-Lhanee Benito

After having a successful outcome with my Croquetas de Pollo y Setas, I decided to make another Spanish fried delights, but this time, I wanna make something sweet. I don't really have a big sweet tooth before, until I fell in love with cupcake designs and by watching "Cake Boss". But I wasn't in the mood to "bake". Moreover, my…

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Baked Apple Pancake

Baked Apple Pancake by Baking Barrister

Apples, cinnamon and sugar cooked into a light batter form the best breakfast ever.

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Fresh Herbs and Spinach Scramble

Fresh Herbs and Spinach Scramble by Melissa & Alex

We got up really late this morning (after 1 pm!) and were HUNGRY. Trying to stick to our South Beach diet commitment and using what we had in the house, I came up with this. It was YUM!

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Amaranth Breakfast Porridge

Amaranth Breakfast Porridge by Denise C.

This is a healthy warm breakfast - a great GF alternative to creamy hot cereal. This version is dairy-free!

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Kvrguša with chicken - Bosnian recipe!

Kvrguša with chicken - Bosnian recipe! by Nasiha Zukic

Kvrguša with chicken is very tasty dish that is very often used in Bosnia.

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Brussel Sprout Home Fries and Eggs

Brussel Sprout Home Fries and Eggs by Catherine Pappas

Serve with a good cup of coffee and toast. With Love, Catherine xo

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Extraordinary French Onion Soup

Extraordinary French Onion Soup by Hadrian Nataprawira

A great French Onion Soup recipe to try !

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Peas and Sausage Pretty pie

Peas and Sausage Pretty pie by Renu Guru

This can be made with any sausage of your choice....but here I have made these Pies with Pork sausage.I have also tried it with chicken sausage.They taste really good....but my family prefers the ones with pork...hence this recipe has a place on my 'to share recipes' list!.You'll surely enjoy making these as much as you will eating…

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Breakfast Egg Cups

Breakfast Egg Cups by Margaret Lambert

Great breakfast, brunch, or dinner item....made this recipe and it held up well over 4 days (breakfast before leaving for work). Original recip is tex mex, but could be adapted to any preference. Took a little longer to bake (abt 25 minutes instead of 20. Plus..make I made it with half real eggs, half egg substitute.

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Fried Apples

Fried Apples by Cynthia

This was a dish my dad would make for breakfast on Sundays. He would served this with Homemade biscuit and bacon. A tall glass of cold milk squence your thirst. Enjoy.

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