Cheesy Hash Browns

Cheesy Hash Browns by Nancy Miyasaki

This is an amazing simple dish that stands up well to much more complicated potato au gratin recipes. I adapted it from a recipe in the Sacramento Bee by Ann Freeman. You may not want to tell your guests how easy it is! That said, this dish was completely demolished at our recent Christmas brunch while more complicated dishes…

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Mashed potato breakfast cakes

Mashed potato breakfast cakes by The Accidental Chef

Quick & easy recipe for leftover mashed potatoes.

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Country Fried Potatoes Made Skinny

Country Fried Potatoes Made Skinny by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

There’s something quite wonderful about potatoes, onions and butter sautéed until golden and crisp. It’s one of the tastiest ways to prepare potatoes. This dreamy dish is so versatile and adds the missing link to any egg dish or even a simple chicken or beef recipe. I’ve made these skinny by using just a small amount of…

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Ham and Potatoes Frittata

Ham and Potatoes Frittata by RecipeKing

Ham and Potatoes Frittata is an easy and delicious recipe for breakfast, brunch or anytime. It is also a low calories, low carbohydrates, high in protein, Weight Watchers (6 PointsPlus) recipe. Ham and sour cream combined with packaged Potatoes O'Brien and all done in 35 minutes on the stovetop. Thaw potatoes overnight in the…

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Potato Rice Flakes

Potato Rice Flakes by karenrecipe

Potato Rice Flakesand is called phovu in konkani.It is prepared using only the basic ingredients like potato, onions, coconut and green chillies. It is a very filling breakfast item/evening snack

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potato waffles

potato waffles by Chez la mere

Julie Van Rosendaal on cbc radio

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Baked Eyeball Egg Casserole

Baked Eyeball Egg Casserole by Denise Sherin

Really fun, gross, kid friendly Halloween Casserole. And it tastes good too! My son loved the gross factor! I am posting the original recipe. I have made it with fried onions in place of dried onions. I have used cream of chicken when its all I have on hand. I have also added diced green chili's. Change it up however you like. I…

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Individual Oven "Fried" Hash Browns

Individual Oven "Fried" Hash Browns by Lacy DeVeney

Individual hash browns, formed in muffin tins and baked in the oven. Crispy on the outside, tender and full of flavor in the middle. Perfect with Lobster Eggs Benny!

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Breakfast Monterey Chipotle Hash Browns

Breakfast Monterey Chipotle Hash Browns by Robyn Savoie

Creamy Monterey Jack and mild chipotle chilies in smoky adobo sauce jazz up refrigerated hash browns. These flavorful hash browns are perfect for brunch or supper. At brunch, serve them with scrambled eggs, sausage and fresh fruit. For supper, try them with sauteed chicken breasts or pork chops.

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Potato and Smoked Salmon Breakfast Casserole

Potato and Smoked Salmon Breakfast Casserole by Lyndsey

I made this for Easter brunch and it was a huge hit. It smells great while cooking and tastes even better!

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Potatoes and Cheese Brunch Pizza

Potatoes and Cheese Brunch Pizza by Robyn Savoie

Used store bought frozen Texas Rolls to make the crust. Then adding green chilies, give this breakfast pizza an Mexican flair. Then combined with your favorite hash browns makes this recipe a delicious twist on the standard breakfast fare.

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Easy Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon

Easy Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon by ShaleeDP

My aunt taught me this when I was in Melbourne. It was great! I did my version of it and it is just as wonderful. Try it!

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Jersey Home Fries

Jersey Home Fries by Cara Fernicola

Aside from reality shows giving Jersey a bad name, there are 2 things that Jersey gets right Taylor Ham and Home Fries ... which can always be found at a good diner. When I was little my dad used to take my brother and I to diners and I would always order a plate of home fries. I looovee homefries. This is my recipe that I've been…

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Potato & Sweet Onion Frittata

Potato & Sweet Onion Frittata by K. Garner

This is a tasty frittata with potato and onion.

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Home Fried Potatoes With Herbs

Home Fried Potatoes With Herbs by Cecelia Heer

I ate breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants in the City and enjoyed the best-tasting home fries that I’ve ever eaten. I asked the server what was the underlying component of the dish that offered the unique taste. He said that the potatoes were cooked in “duck fat.” Since then, I’ve devised my own recipe for, what I believe,…

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