Kuskara by Deepti Naik

This is a great snack/breakfast and a good use of left over Chapatis/Rotis. This is also known as Kuskara and Fodnichi poli. This is a typical Maharashtrian Dish (From Western Indian state of Maharashtra) Inspiration for this recipe came from my mom. Anytime we have enough left over Chapatis, we used to get Kuskara for snacks.…

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Vegetable Dosa

Vegetable Dosa by Padmaja

Vegetable Dosa is our favorite item at my home. Vegetable Dosa is a colorful and healthy item. Health Benefits of Carrots: It slows aging, promotes healthy vision, has anti-cancer properties, increases immunity towards various chronic diseases. Eating carrots can cure anemia, eye problems and cancer too. The advantages of…

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Banana and coconut bread

Banana and coconut bread by neha mathur

For some reasons I always have some left over bananas who have no takers....My kiddo is a very fussy eater and if he sees even a small dark spot on his banana, it is off to the trash...And me too like my bananas fresh ....So I always end up making a banana bread or pudding of some kind as I hate the idea of trashing my food....I…

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Apple-Pomegranate Smoothie

Apple-Pomegranate Smoothie by spicyvegrecipes

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