Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Greek Yogurt Pancakes by Michele Grason

I am not messing around here - these are really good pancakes! They are light and fluffy and moist and they might even be kind of good for you because they are made with non-fat Greek yogurt. At least that's what I am going to continue to tell myself as I make them every Saturday morning.

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Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes

Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes by Evelyn Scott

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49ers sourdough flapjacks

49ers sourdough flapjacks by Missie Nelson

This is a fun way to use the left-over fed-soughdough starter.

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Marco Polo Sandwich

Marco Polo Sandwich by B Innes

Like many food items the Marco Polo Sandwich is another of those not quite exact recipes that has been translated into various incarnations. Many years ago we began a brunch menu in a restaurant I was working at and we served one with three slices of bread with mayo, turkey and jack cheese a slice of bread then a thin slice of fresh…

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Morning Crêpes

Morning Crêpes by Sherwin Faden

Very good crepes to eat as is or with your favorite jam, peanut butter, maple syrup, cinnamon sugar. These are not dessert crepes as so they are not too sweet and go easily with anything.

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Grilled Coconut Rum French Toast

Grilled Coconut Rum French Toast by Robyn Medlin

Standard French toast is much better with the addition of coconut rum and the grill!

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Breton Sweet Crêpes

Breton Sweet Crêpes by Sherwin Faden

These crepes are authentic and remind me so much of time in La Bretagne (Brittany). They are so good that I never want to put anything on them. They are best prepared on a crepe griddle (Une Bilique). They will last a day or two and so I often prepare a double batch.

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Chicken Shawarma made at home!

Chicken Shawarma made at home! by poorvi

Chicken Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish. Marinated chicken chunks are mounted on a large rotating skewer and then roasted slowly to perfection against a gas burning grill & stuffed into bread along with french fries, onion & tomatos.

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Healthy Grilled Cheesy Egg Sandwich

Healthy Grilled Cheesy Egg Sandwich by simply beautiful and healthy living

This is a very simple yet healthy sandwich which I used to make it for breakfast. My children like it very much especially with tomato sauce and some fresh cucumber or tomatoes.

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Maple Bacon Glazed Pork Breakfast

Maple Bacon Glazed Pork Breakfast by Patti Fisher

Maple Bacon Glazed Pork Breakfast, one of the things I have always loved to do was create AWESOME and hearty camp meals that will be remembered for years. This is most definitely one of those. I have to laugh because thinking about camp meals I can remember eating a cold can of chili in pouring rain, and liking it… Pork sirloin are…

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Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie Pancake

Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie Pancake by Joanne

Love oatmeal cookies? Well then, have it for breakfast in pancake form. They will fill you up and carry you through the morning. Packed with protein. What you have to remember with this recipe is to not make the pancake too large. The size of a regular oatmeal cookie would be great. You will probably yield about 12 – 15…

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Not Just For Kids...PB & J French Toast Sticks

Not Just For Kids...PB & J French Toast Sticks by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

PB&J is a beloved kids favorite but this delightful French toast is bound to be everybody’s favorite. Simple simple to make and with ingredients you probably have on hand, You’ll surely have time to make it even on busy mornings. We’re making ours skinny by using whole wheat bread, natural unsalted peanut butter, reduced-sugar…

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Nutty Irishman St. Pat's Pancakes

Nutty Irishman St. Pat's Pancakes by The Dusty Baker

The classic after-dinner coffee in a (gluten-free) pancake! This treat has coffee, cocoa, almond extract and vanilla for a rich but not-too-sweet new take on a classic.

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Sweet Potato with Spinach Quesadillas

Sweet Potato with Spinach Quesadillas by ShaleeDP

I like quesadillas, the simplest ones are already good. Try it with different fillings every now and then.

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Maple~Blueberry Pancake Stack

Maple~Blueberry Pancake Stack by "Cheffie Cooks"

Good breakfast, brunch on a weekend!

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