Honey Spice Butter

Honey Spice Butter by Amos Miller

Perfect for so many uses - biscuits, bread, desserts, this simple recipe will delight every diner, guest or family. And it seems so extraordinary and special that they will marvel at your inventiveness. I have many friends who contribute to Food & Wine magazine and I have long used this gem, which, in truth, is not all that…

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Gluten free Lentil Flax Flat "bread"

Gluten free Lentil Flax Flat "bread" by Monocot

Insane easy and very Yummy! I bake mine in a pie plate and dip it in chili or stews. But its great with Hummus I added garlic and a bit of oregano into mine but its great without that. But you could make this into a pizza crust or into Biscuits. just Great!

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