An All in One Meal in No Time

An All in One Meal in No Time by Amanda Millen

It is truly amazing and quite amusing when you think about how food and cuisine have evolved through time and different cultures. Take, for example, a simple bread recipe - how it used to be unleavened or without the use of yeast, to soft and flaky french croissants; or simple fowl or beef, which used to be just speared and hunted…

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Delicious Stuffed Sausage Bread

Delicious Stuffed Sausage Bread by Amanda Millen

All too often, cooking or baking food takes up a whole lot of time and effort only to see the fruits of your labor vanish into the gorging mouths in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds! Well, that's flattery for your culinary skill, I suppose. Still, it would be nice if sometimes the excellent product (such as a bread…

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Runza (Meat & Cabbage Pies)

Runza (Meat & Cabbage Pies) by Bob Vincent

This is a modifed old German recipe. These are great served with a hearty soup. They make a substantial appetizer when cut into pieces. Yes, they are high in fat. Don't substitute the vegetable shortening as it is what really makes for soft and delicate dough. The sugar provides a sweetness to the dough. For a bit of color add…

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Italian Sausage Bread in a Flash

Italian Sausage Bread in a Flash by Amanda Millen

Sausages and bread have made the perfect combination for breakfast since the ages. Instead of eating a simple bread and sausage sandwich, surprise your family with tasty Italian sausage bread. The following Italian sausage bread recipe is easy to prepare and can be made in advance. It takes only a short time to prepare (an hour and a…

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