Colourful Chinese Dumplings

Colourful Chinese Dumplings by Savoury Apron

Chinese dumplings, also known as Pot-stickers or Momos (depending on where you are from), are perhaps one of the most universally known dishes. They come in many forms, many kinds of fillings, and quite often vary region to region. Made right, these babies are a mouthful of flavourful explosion, and with time, more and more unique…

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Vada Pav Recipe

Vada Pav Recipe by Mary

Food on the go for the ever so busy Mumbaikar…a garma garam batata vada, which is the gram flour coated deep fried spiced mashed potato ball, sandwiched between slices of chutney slathered Mumbaiya style pav bread. Dubbed as the common man’s burger this one is available at every street corner, is super delicious and light on the…

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Hoisin Fish Recipe with Sunflower Seed Butter

Hoisin Fish Recipe with Sunflower Seed Butter by Betsy's Best

Fishing for a good fish recipe? This dish has a nice twist with the combination of hoisin, the tang of dijon mustard, balanced with the sweet spice of Betsy’s Best Gourmet Seed Butter. Add this marinade to your favorite fish for a combination that will compliment any fish!

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How to mae black garlic

How to mae black garlic by chefgonin

On several occasions have you heard of black garlic and its almost miraculous properties for our body, but ...... You know it is and as it occurs ?. The black garlic is produced for the first time in Japan. Apparently a scientist began researching how to reduce the strong smell of common garlic ( Allium sativum ), so one of the…

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Veggie Dill Dip

Veggie Dill Dip by Gloria J. Rumohr

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Cherries stuffed with cream cheese and tuna

Cherries stuffed with cream cheese and tuna by Aherrera

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Apple Crisp for One

Apple Crisp for One by Claudia lamascolo

Come see why this 3 minute recipe is sweeping the net in views and pins. It fast, easy and really delicious, don't wait to try it!

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Cream cheesie corn

Cream cheesie corn by Glenn

I was given the chore of coming up with a new side dish for Thanksgiving. I like corn--particularly when I am eating. I like cream cheese--only when I am eating. Voila, an idea is born. It is easy to make and was rated OMG by my very picky family. There may be ways to improve it but here is an instant classic.

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Italian Salsa Topped Fish Recipe

Italian Salsa Topped Fish Recipe by Claudia lamascolo

Here is a great fish baked with vegetables. There are other variations to use as well. Read on.

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My Versatile Hummus Dip Recipe

My Versatile Hummus Dip Recipe by Micheline

By substituting the main traditional ingredient in this hummus recipe (chickpeas) you I can create various types of delicious hummus dips. Instead of chickpeas, substitute sun dried tomatoes packed in oil (drained and rinsed); OR canned artichokes (drained and rinsed); OR roasted, marinated red peppers (drained and rinsed); OR…

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Biscotti Chocolate Chip Trifle

Biscotti Chocolate Chip Trifle by Claudia lamascolo

a great filling layered with biscotti terrific Patriotic Dessert!

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Easy Semi Homemade Crepe Recipe

Easy Semi Homemade Crepe Recipe by Claudia lamascolo

Don't be afraid to make these elegant quick crepe to impress your friends and family, check them out on how easy they are to make!

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Peanut Butter Molasses Cookie Recipe

Peanut Butter Molasses Cookie Recipe by Claudia lamascolo

a great spice cookie with peanut butter in it too!

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Semi Homemade Pizza Recipe

Semi Homemade Pizza Recipe by Claudia lamascolo

If you want quick and easy that even the kids could make pizza you just hit the jackpot! Come check this out.

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Straw­berry and Cream Dip

Straw­berry and Cream Dip by Amelia Priest

Straw­berry and Cream Dip, sim­ple healthy snack idea. Just add a lit­tle bit of sugar to the cream so your kids can use it as a dip for straw­berry if it’s not sweet enough.

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