Capt Pete~s Lemon Curd

Capt Pete~s Lemon Curd by Peter Brown

There are so many Lemons around on the trees where we live,we decided to use them and make all sorts of goodies .One that turned out well was Lemon Curd.We use it on Bread, toast, cke and cookie fillers etc.

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Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons by Bob Vincent

Our Meyer lemon tree is packed with lemons now. This tree knows its job. It produces lemons year round. When life gives you lemons make preserved lemons. This formula is straight out of Claudia Roden's book Arabesque; a great book on the cuisine of Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon. The amount of lemons and juice needed will depend…

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Gay pink grapefruit salad

Gay pink grapefruit salad by Gino la Tilla

This recipe was created by me and my gay friend Guido a.k.a. Ivana. I'll save you the bench of innuendos included in ingredients and procedures, just know that “finocchio” (fennel) is the friendly way to say gay in Tuscany

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Asian inspired Dippin' Sauce

Asian inspired Dippin' Sauce by Smokinhotchef

This sauce is magnificent for complementing things of Asian origin or anything that commands a good dunking. I use this sauce with the Broccoli Casse Rolls and it's taste bud magic. This sauce makes a great marinade also and is fabulous for basting ribs, chicken, fish etc... the list goes on and on.

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Lime Pickle in Oil

Lime Pickle in Oil by Lesley Winch

My adaptation of a recipe by Dharamjit Singh

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