Grilled Stuffed Pomfret with Green Chutney

Grilled Stuffed Pomfret with Green Chutney by Sonali Pradhan

Mint-Coriander chutney, also known as "Green/Hari chutney " is a popular condiment in South Asian cuisines.Green chutney is added in sandwiches /chat recipes, also a favorite accompaniment with crispy samosas and dhoklas. Today's recipe is a Grilled Stuffed Pomfret , where I have used this green chutney for stuffing the fish .You…

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Turkish Red Pepper & Walnut Dip

Turkish Red Pepper & Walnut Dip by John Spottiswood

I've had this appetizer numerous times at my favorite nearby Turkish restaurant, New Kapadokia. I finally made it myself for a number of guests and it was a big hit. Slightly sweet, slightly spicy, and very flavorful. I served it with high quality hummus and babaganoush, and the red pepper dip was the most popular. Give it a try!

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Carmelized onion Jam / Crostini

Carmelized onion Jam / Crostini by BearNakedBaker

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My Homemade Apple Butter with Apple Schnapps

My Homemade Apple Butter with Apple Schnapps by Robyn Savoie

Two autumn standards, pumpkin and apple. I joined Schnapps Liquor with apple in this lovely spread. Apple Schnapps really adds a surprising element to this. This spread is wonderful on toast, pancakes, waffles and in pumpkin pie! I might experiment one of these days and see how it would work in traditional apple pie

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Bruschetta Appetizers

Bruschetta Appetizers by RecipeKing

Bruschetta Appetizers is an easy and quick recipe for a delicious, cheesy, Italian appetizer. Main Ingredients include: Feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes and red onions. It takes only (25) minutes. including cooking time, from start to finish. It is also a healthy, low calories, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, low…

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Bruschetta Pomodoro

Bruschetta Pomodoro by Robert Helstrom

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Fire Roasted Tomato & Jalapeño Salsa

Fire Roasted Tomato & Jalapeño Salsa by Marlin Rinehart

This authentic Mexican salsa is by far my favorite. The tomatoes, preferably Romas, are roasted under the broiler until the skins are partially charred with black spots. The intense heat internally caramelizes some of the natural fruit sugar. The garlic and jalapeño are also roasted. Roasting gives the salsa character and depth of…

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Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil

Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil by Stacy Coltrin

There is nothing so tasty as this dish. It works well for dinners with friends and family. Everyone in the kitchen talking and eating. When I am not cooking I am creating wrought iron art and selling it on my etsy store., this is one of the recipes I give away when I sell a piece of art as a thank you…

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Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta

Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta by Evelyn Scott

Delicious appetizer, great for any occasion

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Carciofi o carciofini sott’olio

Carciofi o carciofini sott’olio by Patricia Turo

Artichokes are in season again and I just can't do without them when the season is over. This simple recipe for preserving artichokes will let you enjoy this delicious vegetable for months. It takes a little time, but is well worth it. Artichokes are served in Italy in most antipasti preserved in olive oil. The baby artichokes are…

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Tomato Mozzarella Melts

Tomato Mozzarella Melts by Evelyn Scott

This is one of those recipes that you can adjust the quantities based on how many you want to make, which is why it makes a perfect lunch for one Note: You can also sprinkle with some dried basil or dried italian seasoning

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Soft Cheese and Jam Bruschetta

Soft Cheese and Jam Bruschetta by Culinary Envy

Soft Cheese and Jam Bruschetta is a tangy, creamy, fruit-honeyed, crunchy, lip-smacking elegant appetizer that can be easily made ahead. A stress-free and exciting recipe that your guests will adore.

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Bacon-embraced Dates Stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese

Bacon-embraced Dates Stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese by Vivien

Warm tasty appetizer to enjoy with a glass of wine. Pitted Medjool dates stuffed with gorgonzola with honey drizzled over the dates, wrapped with bacon slices and broiled.

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tog004 by jinhua chen


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zuccini bites of delight

zuccini bites of delight by Renu Guru

Pizza bites from zuccini!.Well this recipe is so very simple yet so tasty,healthy-pretty much! and also can be made in a jiffy.My kids love these,friends and family always ask for this.Though best eaten when warm,you can still make this ahead,refrigerate it until you are ready to serve.Just broil them some 10 minutes before…

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