Special Crispy Dinuguan

Special Crispy Dinuguan by ShaleeDP

I like this version of the pork dinuguan recipe. Very delish!

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Lamb Meatball and Fava Bean Tagine / Morocco

Lamb Meatball and Fava Bean Tagine / Morocco by Amos Miller

This is truly a hand-crafted meal - it takes time. I know that only the most devoted will make this. But it is nothing short of spectacular and was my favorite Spring dish. I'd eat it weekly. This is how I recall Mina made for me when I lived in Marrakech. I'm sharing it just because it is a personal favorite and, for guests,…

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Braised Halibut with Tomato, Capers and Olives

Braised Halibut with Tomato, Capers and Olives by Janet Ciel

This is a Mediterranean seafood dish, which is impressive to serve and very low fat.

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Beef Tenderloin Stew

Beef Tenderloin Stew by ShaleeDP

I learned this from one of my Newsletters... it is quite same with my version with a different twist. I like it too with steamed rice.

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Sausage and Chicken Gumbo - Northern Style

Sausage and Chicken Gumbo - Northern Style by Michael Montgomery

What do you know about Gumbo? Was the answer/question I received from a delivery guy, in response to what I was cheffin' up in the kitchen that day. Well plenty, I can't eat gumbo without recalling a little place in the back alley of the French Quarter. I remember that the gumbo was good, but more importantly - I remember the whole…

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Mediterranean Lamb Stew with tomato, mushroom and eggplant (Kokkinisto)

Mediterranean Lamb Stew with tomato, mushroom and eggplant (Kokkinisto) by John Spottiswood

I used to order a delicious lamb stew at the New Kappadokia restaurant in Redwood City, California. Then I had a not quite but close to equally delicious stew at a Greek restaurant in Palo Alto that was called Kokkinisto. I pieced this recipe together…

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Hearty Lamb and Haricot Bean Stew

Hearty Lamb and Haricot Bean Stew by Hungry Jenny

There really is nothing better than a hearty stew. I personally don't like my stews to be swimming completely in sauce but you can obviously add as much stock as you like.

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Chicken (or Beef) Mechado

Chicken (or Beef) Mechado by ShaleeDP

A beef recipe that my grandma usually makes at home. I could not really make it the way she does, but I try :) Hope you like this version that I got from one of the many cooks that I read from.

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Basic Chicken Curry

Basic Chicken Curry by ShaleeDP

My daughter's 2nd dish to learn.

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Navajo Lamb Stew

Navajo Lamb Stew by Ann Cook

I had this visiting a friend a few years ago who lives down in Arizona. I wanted a bit more salt and flavor so added rosemary, thyme and bullion.

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Sweet Corn Chowder

Sweet Corn Chowder by Carol E. Smith

This is really tasty.

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Chipotle Turkey Chili

Chipotle Turkey Chili by Keely Locke

This is from Rachel Ray's 30-minute meals from the Food Network page. I have taken the liberty to change a few things to my taste so this is not exactly Rachel's recipe.

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One Dish Seafood Stew

One Dish Seafood Stew by Adam Janowski

I’ve had Cioppino, which is the Italian version, and Bouillabaisse, which is the French version and below you will find my version of a seafood stew. I can’t drink alcohol so you will not find any white wine in mine, though you will find it in most Italian and French versions. It is up to you, but I think my recipe works really well…

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Easy Lamb Stew

Easy Lamb Stew by Shauna Duncan

Super easy and amazing lamb stew--I would double the meat next time but nobody complained. :-) This would also work with any other meat on hand.

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Pata with Beans

Pata with Beans by ShaleeDP

A very easy twist of the traditional pork and beans.

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