Shiitake and Chive Dumplings

Shiitake and Chive Dumplings by Renu Guru

Get all hands on deck for making dumplings - the interaction of making and eating together a fun way of entertaining. These vegetarian dumplings are stuffed with shiitake mushrooms and chives, mixed in with classic Asian flavour combination of ginger, coriander, soy sauce and sesame oil. Serve with a simple dipping sauce.

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Lemony Asparagus with Almonds

Lemony Asparagus with Almonds by Kyle Dalakas

Lemony Asparagus with almonds is an easy, healthy and delicious veggie side dish. Try this with your dinner tonight!

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Healthy Steamed Pumpkin Muffins

Healthy Steamed Pumpkin Muffins by kristy

A simple healthy treat for your family.

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Healthy Steamed Banana Muffins

Healthy Steamed Banana Muffins by kristy

This is something you won't want to miss out. Something healthy for your whole family to enjoy.

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Khaman Dhokla Recipe

Khaman Dhokla Recipe by Hina Gujral

Khaman Dhokla is a savory steamed cake with light and airy texture. The bright yellow color of the Dhokla comes from made gram flour and turmeric powder. After dumping many batches of Dhokla into the trash and during the period of trying different recipes I somehow managed to formulate this recipe.

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Cauliflower and Pasta

Cauliflower and Pasta by B Innes

A tasty, filling easy to prepare dinner.

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Rava Idli Sqaures

Rava Idli Sqaures by Hina Gujral

After living in South from past few years one thing in me has definitely changed, my breakfast habits, I have become huge fan of South Indian breakfast and I think I have tasted breakfast of almost each and every kind of South Indian breakfast joint in Bangalore as well as Chennai. There is something very succulent and satisfying…

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Buttered Kale

Buttered Kale by Julia Ann Souders

Kale has many nutritional benefits such as vitamins A, C and K plus the minerals of potassium, iron and calcium. It can be steamed, added to salads or baked. The latest greens for health. 2007-2014 Netta Belle's Choice cookbookinabox "Reg. U.S.Pat.& Trdmk. Off." All rights reserved.

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Penang Nyonya Sweet and Sour Fish

Penang Nyonya Sweet and Sour Fish by simply beautiful and healthy living

I was goggling for a simple Penang fish recipe and I found this from Rasa Malaysia, Penang Nyonya Cooking. Eh... to my surprise, this is a Penang dish and this steamed sweet sour fish is not new to me and others too. I used to prepare this steamed fish and sometimes I would just deep fry the fish but use the same sauce. It is…

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Steamed Chinese Pomfret with Fragrant Shallots

Steamed Chinese Pomfret with Fragrant Shallots by simply beautiful and healthy living

I love to steam fish with shallots. So, usually I am the one and sometimes my hubby would finish all the shallots. However, my children would not touch the shallots! They only go for the fish and the sauce! The sauce is great and my children like to mix it with steamed rice. This is a very simple steamed fish with shallots and…

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Steamed Broccolli with Butter

Steamed Broccolli with Butter by ShaleeDP

I like broccoli. Even the simplest way of cooking it.

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Ham and Asparagus Spaghetti

Ham and Asparagus Spaghetti by Peter Brown

use a combination of fresh asparagus, well-cured deli ham and lots of fresh herbs such as dill, chives and basil to give this pasta dish a tasty array of flavours. It also makes a very pretty, colourful arrangement on the plate. It’s important to source good quality, freshly made pasta and if you can make your own pasta, even better.

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Steamed Rice & Veggies

Steamed Rice & Veggies by Wendi Taylor

This healthy and delicious entree is so simple it's ridiculous.

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Yellow Rice /geel Rys

Yellow Rice /geel Rys by Peter Brown

To accompany Bobootie or any roast

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Hearty Mediterranean Hash

Hearty Mediterranean Hash by Smokinhotchef

This hash can be served anytime of day or night!! I came up with it in the the a.m., so I served it for brunch. Loads of flavors and satisfy your Meatless Monday quota with ease and gratitude!

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