Kalbi (Marinated Short Ribs)

Kalbi (Marinated Short Ribs) by jason kim

On my half day off, I decided to "relax" by making my favorite (and the kids too) Korean meat dish--kalbi (marinated short ribs), which are tender, savory, sweet, and full of delicious flavors. These are best to be cooked on a grill (especially great for special occasions with friends and family) but they also taste good pan-fried off…

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Prawn Karahi

Prawn Karahi by Sonali Pradhan

Celebrated Mother's Day with this delectable and extremely flavorful Prawn Karahi cuisine . Karahi/kadhai/korai/kadai is basically a type of circular, deep cooking pots which resembles "wok" with rounded bottoms and is made of cast iron, used to shallow fry fish, meat, sweet or snacks, can even prepare stew/gravies. Now a days they…

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Seared Mahi Mahi w Rainbow Medley

Seared Mahi Mahi w Rainbow Medley by jason kim

For our fish Fridays, we got the kids some mahi-mahi fillets and simply seared them on the stove top. We also included a fresh rainbow medley of diced red and green bell peppers and mangoes for some sweetness, creating a natural sauce/neutralizer for the fish. The great thing about mahi-mahi is that they cook well either baked,…

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Asian Skirt Steak w Asparagus & Orange Salad

Asian Skirt Steak w Asparagus & Orange Salad by jason kim

Tonight we wanted a little more greens to our meal since we've been on a carnivorous diet of late. Besides our meal tonight, we decided to make extra kimchi jigae (kimchi stew) in bulk, made with 3 lbs of pork ribs and intended to last us a few days. I can't even remember our last meal where we didn't have meat or poultry for our main…

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Sesame-Crusted Tuna with Wasabi-Ponzu Sauce

Sesame-Crusted Tuna with Wasabi-Ponzu Sauce by Ferihan

This tuna recipe takes on an Asian flair with a coating of sesame seeds and a sauce of wasabi paste, soy sauce and fresh ginger. It is so easy and you can do it with salmon too. The Wasabe -Ponzu Sauce can also be used as salad dressing. I served it on Spring Salad mix with Arugula and it was light, low in calories and high in…

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