Banana Peanut Butter Mock Ice Cream

Banana Peanut Butter Mock Ice Cream by NYCNomNom

All you need is a banana, peanut butter, and a food processor or blender to turn out to be the most delicious, healthy banana ice cream you've ever tried. No dairy, low fat, low calories, low Weight Watchers points, and EASY!

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El Diablo

El Diablo by Giovanni Sorrentino

orange parfait with hot chocolate sauce homage to my great friend pastry chef Victor Palladino

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Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream by Nancy Miyasaki

I adapted this recipe by one from Emeril Lagasse. I served it with a molten chocolate cake one day. We had leftovers the next day with shaved dark chocolate on top. No matter how you eat this ice cream, it is delicious!

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Mont Blanc Vacherin with Chestnut Ice Cream and Chocolate Meringue and Marron Espuma

Mont Blanc Vacherin with Chestnut Ice Cream and Chocolate Meringue and Marron Espuma by Patrice Martineau

A Mont Blanc Vacherin made of chocolate meringue, chestnut ice cream, chocolate cream, condensed milk gelée, and chestnut espuma.

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Remoulade Sauce

Remoulade Sauce by Ryan Fillhardt

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Banana Split Pops

Banana Split Pops by Krystina Castella

This king of pops is based on the classic flavors of a banana split. Traditionally, the banana is split lengthwise, but I put the banana on the pop stick to make it a hidden surprise. Pineapple topping is poured over the vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup over the chocolate ice cream, and strawberry topping over the strawberry; the…

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Calamansi Cloud Cake

Calamansi Cloud Cake by John Spottiswood

Calamansi is a citrus fruit commonly found in the Philippines. My sister and brother in law are headed there to visit relatives this month, so we're trying a few recipes. Calamansi can be found in California and Florida, but it is not common. You can substitute meyer lemon, lime, or even tangerine juice as a substitute.…

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Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie by Tracy Rosenberg-Roso

So healthy, filling, a great way to start the day!

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Granita di caffè (Coffee Ice)

Granita di caffè (Coffee Ice) by Frank Fariello

Folks, don't let the summer end without trying out granita. Most commonly made with coffee or lemon juice, granita is a kind of rustic sorbetto, easy to make at home—no ice cream maker is needed—and has a coarser, more crystalline texture.

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Marinated Goat Cheese Spread

Marinated Goat Cheese Spread by Sara Gray

Wow! Not only is this a pretty appetizer, but it's a real crowd pleaser too! Easy to put together, you can make it ahead and then serve it when you are ready. The aromatic flavor of rosemary permeates the cheese and makes for a delicious spread for sliced baguette.

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lemon mousse

lemon mousse by georges skaf

you can make this also with passion fruit, or pineaple

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Mexican "Aztec" Hot Chocolate Ice Cream with Ancho and Chipotle

Mexican "Aztec" Hot Chocolate Ice Cream with Ancho and Chipotle by Danielle Pallaske

There are no words to describe how outrageously fabulous this ice cream was. Complex flavors in a rich creamy chocolate base. Get out your ice cream're gonna want to make this! Read more:…

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When Only The Most Decadent Will Do. Aztec Chocolate Ice Cream. But Don't Stop There...

When Only The Most Decadent Will Do. Aztec Chocolate Ice Cream. But Don't Stop There... by kathy gori

There's an old saying, in fact there's a bunch of old sayings, "Leave well enough alone". "If it ain't broke don't fix it. "Let sleeping dogs lie". Those sayings have been honed down through the ages and really make a lot of sense when it comes to…

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Strawberry Mousse Cake

Strawberry Mousse Cake by kristy

A sweet & romantic treat!

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Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie by Amos Miller

Too early for real, fresh fruit pies here - but Spring brings Key Limes, and that means unbaked Key Lime Pie with a slightly sweetened sour cream topping. I use pasteurized-in-the-shell eggs, so there is no issue with salmonella and I can move the pies from prep to cooler. Saves a load of time and makes a fabulous, flavorful,…

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