Moist Chocolate Layer Cake

Moist Chocolate Layer Cake by Teddy Hedrington

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Chef Teddy Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

Chef Teddy Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake by Teddy Hedrington

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Chef Teddy lemon Glaze

Chef Teddy lemon Glaze by Teddy Hedrington

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Southwestern Mac & Cheese

Southwestern Mac & Cheese by Patti Fisher

Southwestern Mac & Cheese, we have to laugh, of all the recipes we get asked for from gourmet to down home, what we get the most requests for is macaroni and cheese. Our date night was coming up so I asked Ken what he was in the mood for thinking he would say steak or ribs. Nope, he wanted a creamy mac & cheese with a little flavor…

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Lotta Cheese Cheese Burger

Lotta Cheese Cheese Burger by Patti Fisher

We got a complaint from some friends that when they go out for burgers the meat is paper thin and the cheese, if you can find any, is tasteless. We had no choice but to say “See you tomorrow, come hungry!” Everyone was happily stuffed and knew they were eating a cheese burger. They may be back again tomorrow. Not only was there 2…

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Josey Baker's No Knead Bread for Beginners

Josey Baker's No Knead Bread for Beginners by myra byanka

I bought Mr. Baker's book "Josey Baker Bread," as I was looking for a gift for relative who wants to learn how to make bread. The book is well-written, albeit a little too hip for my taste, but it was written for young people, not old ladies. That being said, following is the first recipe, which is similar to Lahey's, except the bulk…

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Crockpot Chicken and Hash Brown Casserole

Crockpot Chicken and Hash Brown Casserole by myra byanka

Easy prep slow cooker recipe that is easy to add things to, such as vegetables. A large crockpot is required, 6 qts. or more.

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7 Up Bundt Cake

7 Up Bundt Cake by myra byanka

Use 7 Up or any other lemon lime soda.

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Apple Cheddar Bread

Apple Cheddar Bread by myra byanka

Quick bread for breakfast or snacks. Try it toasted.

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Crunchy Chicken or Turkey Casserole

Crunchy Chicken or Turkey Casserole by myra byanka

Great for leftover turkey, or use rotisserie chicken for convenience. To stretch the dish to serve more people, add some cooked rice or pasta and use a full cup of mayonnaise.

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Easy Dump Cake

Easy Dump Cake by myra byanka

Only three ingredients! Recipe from a friend whose mother used to make it.

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Garlic Lovers Chicken

Garlic Lovers Chicken by Patti Fisher

Chicken was on sale this week and Patti found a beauty, it was over 7lbs. so we had plenty left over for an awesome spontaneous picnic the next day with cold chicken. The sauce was simple with lots of flavor. Ken especially loved the 40 or so cloves of garlic. The longer garlic cooks the sweeter it gets. Plus, with our Pacific Living…

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New Favorite Chicken and Herb Stuffing Casserole

New Favorite Chicken and Herb Stuffing Casserole by myra byanka

Found several variations of this on the net, so don't know whom to credit.

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Southwestern Beer Can Burgers

Southwestern Beer Can Burgers by Patti Fisher

We have been seeing folks post their beer can burgers for the last few weeks, all of them looking good. We wanted to take it to the next level by adding a “Southwestern” twist to it. We started with the very best ground beef: Fresh ground sirloin and blending that with some beef chorizo for 1 pound burgers with a nice blend of…

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Potluck Cheeseburger Mac

Potluck Cheeseburger Mac by Patti Fisher

We were invited to a potluck at our community center and asked what we should bring. The resounding vote was: meat! Spending the afternoon with our friends and neighbors is always fun and we wanted to do something everyone would love. We mixed lots of super lean, top quality ground beef with sharp cheddar cheese and elbow macaroni.…

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