Gouda by John Spottiswood.

This Dutch cheese has a mild, nutty flavor. Varieties include smoked Gouda, the diminutive baby Gouda, and Goudas flavored with garlic and spices. Goudas are also classed by age. A young Gouda is mild, an aged Gouda = medium Gouda = mature Gouda is more assertive, and an old Gouda = very aged Gouda is downright pungent.

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Also known as

  • Smoked gouda
  • Baby gouda
  • Young gouda
  • Aged gouda
  • Medium gouda
  • Mature gouda
  • Old gouda
  • Very aged gouda


Edam (similar, but with a lower milkfat content) OR Samsoe OR Bel Paese OR jack OR Muenster OR cheese substitutes

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