Adam's fig by John Spottiswood.

plantain = cooking banana = platano = platano macho = Adam's fig = macho banana Shopping hints: These look just like large green bananas, and they're usually cooked before eating. Hispanic and Caribbean use them like potatoes, either frying them or boiling them in stews. Different recipes may call for plantains in varying stages of ripeness, with their skins either green, yellow, or black. A green plantain will first turn yellow and then black if allowed to ripen at room temperature. As it ripens, the pulp becomes sweeter and less starchy.

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Also known as

  • Plantain
  • Cooking banana
  • Platano
  • Platano macho
  • Macho banana
  • Adam's fig


bananas (preferably underripe ones) OR sweet potatoes OR breadfruit (especially for tostones) OR potatoes (especially if fried)


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    January 8, 2021
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