Apple Blueberry Coffee Cake

Apple Blueberry Coffee Cake by Rich H

Crisp apples, big blueberries, cinnamon...all baked into a delicious coffee cake. Pour a hot cup o' joe and cut a slice and enjoy! Oh! And did we mention it's vegan? Yes. Yes, it is!

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Glazed Lemony Vegan Zucchini Bread

Glazed Lemony Vegan Zucchini Bread by Rich H

Ok. I thought we were done with zucchini for the year but low and behold there was one more straggler still hiding among the yellowing leaves. Couldn't believe it! So I decided to make this one into a dessert of sorts. A vegan zucchini bread with decidedly lemon flavor and a sweet-tart lemony glaze. Soooo good!

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Pan Seared Tofu Scallops

Pan Seared Tofu Scallops by Rich H

This recipe was derived as an experiment to try to recreate the taste and texture of scallops. While not a dead ringer (and not a dead scallop either) it serves well, looks pretty and makes for a nice meal. Served with brown rice mixed with raw shredded carrots for color, a few sweet potato oven fries and a little wakame left from…

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Chewy Tabbouleh

Chewy Tabbouleh by Rich H

I love tabbouleh. This recipe is a slight departure from tradition, using wheat berries versus the usual cracked wheat. The wheat berries add more body and crunch. I also added quinoa to round it out to a full dinner salad versus a side salad..

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Limas and Salsa on Naan

Limas and Salsa on Naan by Rich H

Using up some leftovers can lead to a pretty good dish now and again. This one came about after a long weekend away. I decided to use some leftover Naan bread, red peppers and green onions. It was a very satisfying meal, served with fresh fruit and a nice red wine.

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Mango-Raspberry Parfait

Mango-Raspberry Parfait by Rich H

This is a nice light dessert treat that is mostly raw...I say mostly because while the fruit is certainly raw, the tofu also used in this recipe does require cooking as it is being produced. Still, this dessert makes for a nice after-dinner treat that isn't filling and is rather refreshing at the same time.

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Jumbo Lump "Crab-less" Cakes

Jumbo Lump "Crab-less" Cakes by Rich H

Here is a nice cruelty-free alternative to crab cakes. Serve them hot with a great sauce, some potatoes and corn and you have a nice meal.

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Chickpea Apple Tart

Chickpea Apple Tart by Rich H

We don't usually associate the three words chickpea, apple and tart. However, this light dessert treat is made with chickpea flour so it is rich in protein. The cinnamon, apples and agave give it a sweet "desserty" flavor and make it just right for a light after-dinner treat.

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All in One Holiday Cake

All in One Holiday Cake by Bizzy

I took the recipe from Dorie Greenspan and made it gluten-free and turned one big bundt into mini-bundts. I gave you Dorie's recipe for the large bundt cake. I used gluten-free flour mix and also oil instead of the butter.

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Bangers and Mash Pie

Bangers and Mash Pie by Hungry Jenny

Flipping a British classic on its head - literally!

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