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Mexican sausages

Mexican sausages by Peter Brown

excellent with Cheese and biltong Frittata TIP Use lean beef mince instead of the sausages to make a delicious chilli mince dish. If you prefer it mild, leave out the chilli and substitute 2 ml dried basil to make a delicious savoury sausage or mince dish. Spoon over mashed potatoes or serve with spaghetti as a variation.

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Grilled Jalepeno Salsa

Grilled Jalepeno Salsa by Catherine Pappas

This is wonderful on a good piece of bread or with your favorite sandwich. Enjoy with Love, Catherine xo

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Mediterranean Summer Salad

Mediterranean Summer Salad by Amos Miller

This Spanish-influenced salad is refreshing anytime you have it - from a dinner party to a picnic lunch. Bright notes of lime and cilantro. the wonderful pairing of sweet onion and navel orange, the sensuously smooth silkiness of avocado and tomato, all set off by the crisp crunch of toasted almond slices and the elegant earthiness…

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Citrus Grilled Pork!!!

Citrus Grilled Pork!!! by Catherine Pappas

This pork is has a delicious fresh flavor. With Love, Catherine xo

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Annatto Oil (Poor Man's Saffron)

Annatto Oil (Poor Man's Saffron) by Bob Vincent

Annatto seeds are used in variety of Ethnic cuisines including Portuguese, Spanish, Basque, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban , Jamaican, Yucatan and Filipino. When the seeds are ground to a paste it is called Achiote and is used in marinades and rubs. Often termed "poor man's saffron" it is used for the natural red-yellow color and…

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