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Nuwave Pork Roast

Nuwave Pork Roast by Sharon Tison

This is a make ahead recipe. Buy a large pork roast when it goes on sale. Divide it into one pound portions. Then follow the recipe below.

2 votes
Nuwave Garlic Chicken Parmigiana

Nuwave Garlic Chicken Parmigiana by Wendy Jarvis

This is a recipe I made up one night - I was in a hurry and hungry. My friends raved about it! They keep asking me to make it every time they come over. Add your own spices to make it up your way, either way this is a knock out dish most everyone will love. Please note : I made this on the lighter side. So, add more cheese (just know…

3 votes
Nuwave Oven - Egg White Muffin Breakfast

Nuwave Oven - Egg White Muffin Breakfast by Wendy Jarvis

Note see at the bottom of my recipe for a good take along sandwich for breakfast!! Here is my latest recipe for breakfast. I was hungry and had left overs in my fridge. Hummus, canadian bacon, peper jack cheese, a box of egg whites, frozen pita bread, string cheese. Since I was pretty hungry I decided to take a stab at a muffin like…

2 votes
Nuwave Peach Dump Cake

Nuwave Peach Dump Cake by Wendy Jarvis

A new way to have your cake and eat it to in your nuwave. Please note you might have to cook longer than 15 minutes. It really depends on if you are at sea level etc. You might need to add a bit more time. Delicious with whipped topping or possibly ice cream

3 votes