Lallemand May 15, 2011

The different spices make the difference and change the taste, colour and "consistence" with practically same basic ingredients(meat or poutly) all over the world..'.My grandma said that', and I find this absolutely true and fascinating!!! A good example is "Kufta" or in the West known as "Hamburger"...

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Claudia lamascolo
Claudia lamascolo May 15, 2011 13:50
Re: Spices...

Your grandma is a smart woman, and your right it is true and fascinating! Spices can make the difference of loving or liking a dish!

Arturo Féliz-Camilo
Arturo Féliz-Camilo June 7, 2011 17:36
Re: Spices...

It hard finding the right balance between "just the way mama made it" and "being inspired by mama" without feeling you're not honoring her memory...just a tought...

A.L. Wiebe
A.L. Wiebe June 7, 2011 19:28
Re: Spices...

As a daughter, I know just what you mean. Mom was a great cook, and not afraid try new and exotic dishes.
However, as a mother I want my grown children to find the balance that is right for them. If I have inspired them, I am honored, but love it that they spread their culinary wings, so to speak, and be unafraid to try new things. I learn a lot from them too!

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