Norine Mungo
Norine Mungo November 10, 2009

I highly recomend buying glass covered jars everytime you go to the store for groceries. The larger stores like the Wal Marts and Fred Meyers etc carry both food and sundries. Why should you buy a jar each time you go.

Because every time there is a sale on pasta or beans etc, we don't buy them because we don't like them sitting around in their bags! Or, we do buy them only when we are out!!! But sometimes when we are out of an item, like say, Lentles, for instance, well, we don't just run right back out there to get some more. And when we do go to the store, we tend to forget the staples we are out of till we decide to make something with them.

It is important to have plenty in storage as they are good in a pinch for something nutritious that is inexpensive and eaily stored in jars!!! Oh, and don't throw away those pickle jars or salsa jars either!!! You don't have to buy jars if you are keeping the ones your condiments and vegies come in. Wash them thoroughly, boil the jars or put them in the dishwasher, and once they are completely dry, you can use them for those dried beans and peas!!!!!!

Bottom line, I worry about the younger generation being unprepared for hard times. I am always sending my adult kids home with some beans, rice, and pasta to get through rough patches. Hard times are coming my friends, and those with staples in the pantry are gonna get through it, and them that don't, are gonna be hurting units!!!!!!

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