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Cassava (Yucca) Fritters

Cassava (Yucca) Fritters by Yolanda Fernandez

How to make Cassava Fritters CollageCassava (known as Yucca in many Latin countries) is an edible root plant, with large thick tubers. It is use as a vegetable in many tropical islands. In the Dominican Republic and other places in the Caribbean it is an essential food, as well as a comfort food. Cassava must not be eaten raw, as it…

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Chicken Breast Rollups

Chicken Breast Rollups by Yolanda Fernandez

RECETA EN ESPANOLIf you have guests coming over and don't know what to make, this is dish is simple, easy and fast dish. Your guests will think you went through a lot of trouble to make this dish. They will be impressed!Chicken Breast RollupsIf you are using frozen chicken breasts, you should completely thaw them in the refrigerator…

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Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade by Yolanda Fernandez

Receta en EspanolToast and marmalade or jam, like some people call it, go deliciously good together! I remember when I was little girl, my mother always bought orange marmalade. We ate it with crackers. They tasted so good!When you buy marmalade on the market already prepared, it usually contains much sugar. When we make it at home,…

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Royal Icing Rose

Royal Icing Rose by Yolanda Fernandez

RECETA EN ESPANOLThe Royal Icing rose is very popular among cake decorators who are familiar with Wilton cake decoration products. Even making a perfect rose is part of the courses that the company offered in some craft supply stores in my area, such as AC Moore, among others. This rose, like everything else, requires practice to…

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Lentils by Yolanda Fernandez

RECETA EN ESPANOLI am reposting this delicious dish since it is one of my favorite for rainy and cool days like today.LentilsLentils come in many color variety ranging from yellow, black, green and brown. They are a good source of protein, iron, some essential amino acids, and dietary fibers.Lentils are a essential part in vegetarian…

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