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Whip Cream Cake

Whip Cream Cake by Salad Foodie

This vintage recipe was mom's special occasion cake - sublime and delicate. Choose any flavor of frosting. I like to use a buttercream vanilla or chocolate but it depends on the occasion. Photos show a buttercream chocolate frosted and a single layer buttercream vanilla Easter cake. Now that's one the Easter bunny doesn't hide!.

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Oatmeal Lovers' Sugar Cookies

Oatmeal Lovers' Sugar Cookies by Salad Foodie

Oatmeal is the predominant ingredient in this sugar cookie recipe and that might seem a little bizarre. But don't expect your typical oatmeal cookies here! These have a far different texture and taste. Be sure to use quick oats rather than old fashioned. Bake up a batch and make a platter to share with your Valentines!

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Irish Fruit Bread (Barm Brack)

Irish Fruit Bread (Barm Brack) by Salad Foodie

Barm Brack is an Irish fruit bread eaten on St. Brigid’s Feast Day, February 1. Golden raisins predominate, along with citron or other dried fruit. It has a hint of spice and makes an excellent breakfast bread. The bread machine makes light work of making this bread, but due to the higher sugar content it is best made on the dough…

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Apple and Honey Citrus Dressing for Rosh Hashanah

Apple and Honey Citrus Dressing for Rosh Hashanah by judee

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Southern Coconut Cake

Southern Coconut Cake by Salad Foodie

Rose Levy Branbaum's "Heavenly Cakes" (2009) was the inspiration for trying something new for our springtime desserts. The cake batter was made from her Southern Coconut Cake recipe, but I used a traditional buttercream frosting. Everyone agreed the cake was just like Rose said - heavenly! I have simplified some of the steps.…

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