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Cauliflower Snow Patties

Cauliflower Snow Patties by judee

Low Carb, easy, delicious and nutritious describe these real food cauliflower snow patties that are baked in the oven, not fried. Made from cauliflower snow( see how below), these tasty patties are great to have on hand in the refrigerator or freezer. I just grab them from the freezer and heat one or two patties up when I'm looking…

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Anti-Cancer "Dump" Soup is Soothing and Delicious

Anti-Cancer "Dump" Soup is Soothing and Delicious by judee

1 vote
Weight Watchers Zero Point Spinach Soup

Weight Watchers Zero Point Spinach Soup by judee

This dark green spinach vegetable soup is a perfect fall soup that is quick, easy, and healthy. In fact, it can be made in 20 minutes. AND if you following Weight Watchers or just want to lose weight, this delicious soup is a dream come true. A hearty bowl is low calorie, low carb, vegan, and Zero Points Plus according to my…

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Orange & Black Olive Salad

Orange & Black Olive Salad by Amos Miller

A Moroccan favorite, as made by my friend, Chef Paula Wolfert, as found in one of my very favorite books 'Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco'.

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Asian-inspired Mini-Meatballs

Asian-inspired Mini-Meatballs by Amos Miller

A perfect appetizer, great hot or cold, and can be easily made the day before the party in a large crock pot. All you’ll need is toothpicks and tiny plates! I’ve built upon an interesting recipe I found for meatballs with a teriyaki sauce and the inclusion of, yes, dried cranberries. This was so tasty when I first made my…

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