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Best Butterball Turkey and Gravy Ever

Best Butterball Turkey and Gravy Ever by myra byanka

A friend has an oven too small to cook a large turkey, so she gave me her 22 lb. Premium Butterball to cook. Since Butterballs come pre-basted with a saltwater solution, there's no need to brine or salt it. I decided to cook it on a low heat and it turned out fabulous.

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Greek Lemon Feta Chicken

Greek Lemon Feta Chicken by myra byanka

I received a wonderful Roemerkopf clay pot recently, so this is a recipe I adapted to make in it; however, a Dutch oven or roasting pan will work, too. The creamy feta I buy is heavenly compared to that awful dry stuff from Athena or other manufacturers. If you have access to a middle Eastern or international grocer, ask for creamy…

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Slow-Cooker Tomatillo Chicken Soup

Slow-Cooker Tomatillo Chicken Soup by Robyn Savoie

The tomatillo are sometimes mistaken and thought to be part of the tomato family. In fact, they are part of the nightshade family and related to the Cape Gooseberry. This fruit can be several colors when ripe, including yellow, red, green, or even purple. The yellow and green ones have a tendency to be tart, suitable for…

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Chicken Vegetable Frittata

Chicken Vegetable Frittata by Robyn Savoie

What is frittata? Frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelette or crustless quiche, enriched with additional ingredients such as meats, cheeses, vegetables or pasta. The word frittata is Italian and translates to "fried".

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Baking Bread in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven and a No-Knead Recipe

Baking Bread in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven and a No-Knead Recipe by myra byanka

For those of you who want to bake bread in a cast iron Dutch oven, there is so much misinformation out there that I wrote Lodge to get the low-down. Here was the reply: Hi Myra, Thank you for taking time to inquire about this. The black seasoned…

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