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Chef Groups are small communities of members who share knowledge, recipes, and ideas around an area of common interest.
Chinese Food Mavens

Chinese Food Mavens by Frank Fariello

A group dedicated to one of the world's greatest cuisines in all its wonderful regional variations.

180 members
387 recipes
Dim Sum Class

Dim Sum Class by Linda Tay Esposito

A private cooking class for the CookEatShare team. Dim Sum "a little touch of the heart" is the Chinese tapas with a huge selection of little plates.…

42 members
2 recipes
Chinese Food Lovers

Chinese Food Lovers by Keri Wylie

I thought that i'd start this group as i love chinese food,my favourites being kung po chicken,chicken satay and chow mein.I am looking for new and…

17 members
36 recipes
Weining Wang Cuisine

Weining Wang Cuisine by Weining Wang

I am Weining Wang, a student from Arizona. Enjoy the photos from Cooking!!!I want to share my own recipes with you!!! I want to let more people join…

9 members
19 recipes