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Sunflower oil pie crust

Sunflower oil pie crust by Micheline

This pie crust is ideal for vegetarians AND vegans. Sunflower oil is used instead of lard. It has now become my goto pie crust recipe for all my pies.

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Strawberry Frozen Greek Yogurt

Strawberry Frozen Greek Yogurt by Micheline

A refreshing, homemade greek style yogourt, you and your family will feel good about eating, because it doesn't contain artificial ingredients and food additives. For this recipe, you will need an ice cream maker and will need to follow the manufacturer's directions.

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Vegetarian TVP Spaghetti Sauce

Vegetarian TVP Spaghetti Sauce by Micheline

This vegetarian spaghetti sauce is made with Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), a highly nutritious soy product, an alternative to meat. The texture and taste resembles ground beef. You will be pleasantly surprised by the look and taste of this meatless spaghetti sauce. TVP is available in Health Food Stores and is made by Bob's Red…

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Breakfast fruit muffins

Breakfast fruit muffins by Micheline

These muffins are light, quick, easy to make because you use frozen fruits readily available in your freezer. You can whip up a batch in no time.

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Lizzie's Granola

Lizzie's Granola by Micheline

I saw this recipe on The Chew TV show by Chef Michael Symon and decided to try it as it looked delicious and healthy. I was not disappointed, it is really delicous, healthy, crunchy, tasty and is highly addictive. I put it on top of yogourt or with milk for breakfast. It is great as a snack. A MUST TRY RECIPE. The recipe can be…

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