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KK's Cheezy Cornbred

KK's Cheezy Cornbred by Homemade & Yummy

This is a wonderful moist cornbread full of corn pieces and lots of kick. You can easily adjust the heat level by increasing/decreasing the amount of pepper used. Thanks so much to KRIS () for letting me share her recipe with you. Note: The choice of cheese will alter the flavours. The heat all comes down to the amount of peppers…

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Easy Creole Potato Salad

Easy Creole Potato Salad by myra byanka

Easy prep salad using Creole mustard

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"MustGo" Gumbo

"MustGo" Gumbo by Cindy Gleason Johnson

I am really going to date myself with this post…but I am OK with that.When I was a little girl, on Friday nights we would pack up after my Dad got home from work and travel aboutan hour to one or the other Grandparents home for the weekend. If we went to Grandmother and Granddaddy Gleason’sin Minden, Grandmother would have supper…

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File Gumbo / Chez Helene

File Gumbo / Chez Helene by Amos Miller

The late Chef Austin Leslie left a brilliant legacy of Creole dishes and he helped form my approach to the cuisine of NOLA. I follow no other recipe than the one he left me. When a dish is perfect, why stray? Fresh ingredients will tell the tale. Now, as my mentor Paula Wolfert admonishes: "Relax and follow the recipe"!

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Southwest Shrimp and Grits Salad

Southwest Shrimp and Grits Salad by Homemade & Yummy

Southwest Shrimp and Grits Salad is a little twist on a classic dish. Grilled cajun shrimp and discs of jalapeno grits on a bed of greens with a touch of smokey flavour.

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