Recipe for Italian Cornetti

Lorenda Beumont
Lorenda Beumont June 24, 2011

Hi Frank

I lived in Rome years ago and on many mornings would enjoy a cappuccino and cornetto (con crema, usually) at one of the many bars. I have an excellent croissant recipe, but it is not the same dough that is used to make the Itallian cornetti. Do you perhaps have a good recipe for me? Is the dough used more like a Danish Pastry dough?



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Ilaria's Perfect Recipes
Ilaria's Perfect Recipes April 25, 2013 20:49
Re: Recipe for Italian Cornetti

Hi Lorenda, usually they use a brioche dough to make Cornetti.
I have a perfect recipe but I haven't already written it on my blog, when I do I'll let you know.

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