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Irish Fruit Bread (Barm Brack)

Irish Fruit Bread (Barm Brack) by Salad Foodie

Barm Brack is an Irish fruit bread eaten on St. Brigid’s Feast Day, February 1. Golden raisins predominate, along with citron or other dried fruit. It has a hint of spice and makes an excellent breakfast bread. The bread machine makes light work of making this bread, but due to the higher sugar content it is best made on the dough…

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Banana Bran Muffins

Banana Bran Muffins by Salad Foodie

These muffins are delicious, and so healthy! Over time I have tweaked the original recipe until I got it just right and this version is the keeper!

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Quinoa Oatmeal Honey bread loaves

Quinoa Oatmeal Honey bread loaves by Foodessa

Our heart health can only benefit from the addition of nutritional QUINOA seeds. Oats, flaxseed and honey blend perfectly into this delectable artisan style bread. Note: This bread needs a 3 hour rising period plus a 45 minute baking time. Yields 2 loaves: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inch For a dedicated post refer to:…

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Walnut Spice Financiers (Friands) mini cakes

Walnut Spice Financiers (Friands) mini cakes by Foodessa

With a few egg whites on hand…these mini French style cakes came together in no time at all. No need for an electric beater…however, if you don't already have ground walnuts, a food processor may be helpful. For a detailed post...refer to:

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Danish Aebleskivers

Danish Aebleskivers by Salad Foodie

Æbleskiver (Danish pancake balls) are baked either plain or with an inside filling in a special pan with indentations or cups. The name comes from the Danish "apple slices" because that was used predominantly as the filling. Batter is poured into a heated æbleskiver pan to cook, with an optional filling of fruit or raisins promptly…

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