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Moroccan Poached Pears with Prunes

Moroccan Poached Pears with Prunes by Amos Miller

Poached pears are always an elegant dessert, but this super simple recipe is simply the best! This easy prep dish can be made a couple of days ahead of service, and you guests will be totally blown away, as mine have been. My dear friend, Paula Wolfert was given this recipe by Chef Fatima Mountassamin of the restaurant Le…

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sweetcorn fritters with Chorizo

sweetcorn fritters with Chorizo by Peter Brown

Sweetcorn fritters are a good starter ,a good accompniment to a main dish ,a versatile food to take on a picnic. Easy to make and can be eaten hot or cold , I found this recipe on IAfrica, tried it and enjoyed it

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Grandmas Milk Tart

Grandmas Milk Tart by Peter Brown

A favourite South African Classic dating back to the Voortrekker days If you dont want to make the pastry use frozen puff pastry. This recipes comes from Bits of Carey

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Lamb and cabbage rissoles (meat Balls)

Lamb and cabbage rissoles (meat Balls) by Peter Brown

Browseing through some recipes I camr accross this very tasty meat ball with a difference done by Henrie Geyser This tasty dish is a combination of Greek, Italian and Asian flavours suggest you serve it with other oven-roasted extras such as roasted beetroot, pumpkin and potato or other choices. The sauce the rissoles are baked in…

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African 10Minute Safari Trifle

African 10Minute Safari Trifle by Peter Brown

South Africans are very fond of heading for the bush and enjoying the great outdoors and because of this, many interesting and very creative meals have been created with just a few ingredients and the minimum of fuss I saw this recipe the other day and it took me back to my camping days where we made similar desserts in enamel…

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