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My Fitbit

My Fitbit by Wendy Cage

It's a new year, which means new resolutions for many people. Me included. I did so well a couple of years back and lost a lot of weight, but recently I've been struggling to find the motivation to try to eat healty and move more. Because of this, I've gained some of my weight back. Not good.A big part of my problem was not…

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Mmmmm, Chocolate Cake

Mmmmm, Chocolate Cake by Wendy Cage

Mmmmm, Chocolate CakeHello There! I'm still catching up from my blogging rest.I made this cake a couple of times over the holidays and it is a crowd pleaser. I though I would share it with you.Mmmmm, Chocolate Cakefrom The Cake Mix Doctor, by Anne ByrnPreheat oven to 350'. Spray a bundt pan with spray (love me some Pam baking spray…

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Whole Wheat Beer Bread

Whole Wheat Beer Bread by Wendy Cage

Whole Wheat Beer BreadWe don't drink much in our house. I'm not against it or anything, we just don't do it often. If I do have a drink, it's probably got rum in it - or maybe a glass of wine. We would never drink beer. Again, nothing against it, just don't like it.However, I happen to have a lot of beer currently in my house left…

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BBQ Pulled Pork, I mean Chicken

BBQ Pulled Pork, I mean Chicken by Wendy Cage

BBQ Pulled Pork, I mean ChickenWhen I'm looking for a new recipe, I always tend to go for ones that only use a few ingredients. It keeps things simple, and I like that.Even better if the ingredients are ones that I already have on hand.I'm also trying to find recipies that work in a crock pot, but don't come out tasting like…

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Honey Bun Cake

Honey Bun Cake by Wendy Cage

Honey Bun CakeThe other day I was looking at all of the cake mixes I have in my pantry and decided I needed to make something.I should explain. Yes, the show Extreme Couponing has been seen in my house, and yes I may have the couponing bug. I am not going to the extremes that the people on the show go to, but I still have about 30…

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Better than What? Cake

Better than What? Cake by Wendy Cage

This cake is called the Better Than Sex Cake.And yes, it is that good.This recipe comes from a friend of mine at work. She makes this cake for any pot-luck functions we have and everyone loves it.Let's make it, shall we?Preheat your oven to 350'You will need the following:1 Yellow Cake mix1 Vanilla instant pudding mixGrate the German…

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Kitchen Sink Egg Muffins

Kitchen Sink Egg Muffins by Wendy Cage

Well, that title doesn't sound appealing at all, does it?Oh well. That title fits.If your anything like me, your mornings are hectic. I will sometimes do to much in the morning, thinking it will only take me a few minutes to grab this, or just a few minutes to do that. Before I know it, I've spent an hour doing "just this one little…

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Taco Salad

Taco Salad by Wendy Cage

Taco SaladOne of my dear friends who I have known since I was in 7th grade came over last night. In honor of Kim's visit, we made something that we used to make all of the time when we were young - Taco Salad.I could kick myself for not taking a picture of Kim to share with you. You will have to believe me when I tell you she still…

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Sausage and Roasted Vegetable Penne

Sausage and Roasted Vegetable Penne by Wendy Cage

Sausage and Roasted Vegetable Penne - AgainOk - so this is a re-post because I remembered to take pictures the last time I made this dish. It really is quite good, and I want to encourage everyone to try it. My original post was here.This is a recipe by Melissa d'Arabian on Food Network. The original recipe is here.I made a few…

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Pan de Muertos - Mexican bread of the dead

Pan de Muertos - Mexican bread of the dead by Wendy Cage

Bailey wanted some extra credit for her Spanish class and she asked her teacher what she could do. Her teacher told her that she could make this bread.November 2 is Dian de los Muertos or Day of the Dead in Mexico. And don't ask me any more about that because that's all I know on that subject.While I don't think it turned out looking…

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