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Beet Short Ribs - EASY!!!

Beet Short Ribs - EASY!!! by Wendy Cage

I was shopping at Costco a couple of months ago and I stumbled across a package of beef short ribs. I always think I'd like to try them, but I had never cooked with them. I figured it was time to try. I reviewed a couple of different recipes and here's what I came up with.This will make your house smell soooooooooo good!ANDIt's a…

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Rocky Road Chocolate Cookies!!!

Rocky Road Chocolate Cookies!!! by Wendy Cage

Hello! Yes, I know it's been a very long time. Tons of things have happened in the time since my last post, and I'll maybe write about them sometime in another post. But for now - you MUST try these cookies.I made these a few days ago and they have stayed soft and chewy - which is my cookie preference. They aren't too sweet either…

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Squash Casserole

Squash Casserole by Wendy Cage

I stumbled across this recipe about two months ago and I think I've made it about 10 times. It's that good. My family loves it. I even served it at Thanksgiving - it was that good.First, here's a quick picture of some of the Christmas treats Mom and I made this year.It's a tradition for us to bake a ton of things prior to…

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Icemageddon and Bridget

Icemageddon and Bridget by Wendy Cage

Here in the Dallas area, we are just starting to get out of the ice storm called "Icemageddon!" It started raining freezing rain/sleet on Thursday, December 5 and we got several inches by Friday morning. On top of that, the temperatures didn't go above freezing for a couple of days - so we were iced in.My mom came over on Thursday…

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Bridget by Wendy Cage

It's only fitting that I follow my last post about the Dog Bowl 2013, with our own dog story.I should start with the information that our most beloved cat, Twister, passed away in May. We still miss him to this day. If he were here he would be stretched out on top of my desk, occasionally knocking things off when he stretches in his…

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Roast Chicken Dinner

Roast Chicken Dinner by Wendy Cage

Roast Chicken DinnerOMG!! This chicken dinner is so good! And your house will smell wonderful after you make it!This is the second time I've made this, and each time it has turned out fantastic. I mixed together several recipes and this works really well. You must try this.Here's what you need:1 (5-6 pound) chicken. I think I'll…

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Multigrain Bread - Single Loaf

Multigrain Bread - Single Loaf by Wendy Cage

Multigrain Bread - Single LoafI think my most popular recipe on my blog is the multigrain bread recipe. It is an excellent recipe and pretty much fail-proof.I even made a cinnamon swirl version of this bread as well. Yummy!My only issue with the recipe was that it made two loaves. That might not be a concern for most people because…

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Banana Bread

Banana Bread by Wendy Cage

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.Since my last post, I went on a Girl Scout camping weekend with these two - Tiffany and my daughter Bailey.We had a super weekend. I think the girls had a blast.Here's one more picture from that weekend - the area was beautiful.So, now back to a quick recipe. Normally when I have over…

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Fall Pumpkin Casserole

Fall Pumpkin Casserole by Wendy Cage

Fall Pumpkin CasseroleFor breakfast, I tend to make one thing (a lot) and then eat it until I'm quite tired of it. Most recently that has been my homemade granola with yogurt. I just finished up my last batch, so I was looking for something new to try for this week.I hadn't made my Pineapple oatmeal bake in a long time, so I thought…

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Granola, Home Made

Granola, Home Made by Wendy Cage

Granola - Home Made!I love granola and yogurt together. They are perfect. Creamy and crunchy. What could be better?I've never made granola before. My mom had some that she had made and I borrowed her recipe and tweaked it a bit to fit me. That's the beauty of this recipe - you can adjust it to fit your liking.Here's what you…

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