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Pineapple Curry Fried Rice

Pineapple Curry Fried Rice by Virginia Roper

I’ve been in the habit lately of acquiring large piles of random vegetables with no specific ideas as to how to use them. After stumbling across a recipe for fried rice that looked absolutely fabulous, I decided to have at it with all these wacky vegetables lounging around in my fridge.I’m such a sucker for eggplant. I’m still…

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Green Eggs & Ham (and Cheese)

Green Eggs & Ham (and Cheese) by Virginia Roper

This is the perfect recipe when you're feeling nostalgic and craving protein. Or if you've spent the past several weeks reading Dr. Seuss to your kid, for that matter.

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Bacon Sushi

Bacon Sushi by Virginia Roper

Bacon is delicious, and sushi is delicious. It makes sense to combine the two to make a delicious harmony of flavor! In maki rolls, bacon pairs excellently with both egg (tamago) as well as avocado. This recipe assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of making rice. I also include a few links at the bottom of this…

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Easy Guacamole

Easy Guacamole by Virginia Roper

Guacamole is delicious, healthy, and super easy!

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Thai Stir Fry, plus a way to find exciting new Asian recipes!

Thai Stir Fry, plus a way to find exciting new Asian recipes! by Virginia Roper

So I had a bunch of miscellaneous vegetables plus chicken lying around, meaning it was high time for some stir-fry. I poked around for a recipe and was originally going to make this one. It was basic enough that I wouldn’t screw it up. Plus, after…

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Easy Truffles and Mint Bark

Easy Truffles and Mint Bark by Virginia Roper

A few years back, I decided to make truffles. The recipe was rather simple, and the truffles themselves came out looking and tasting quite nice, so I decided to recreate them again to give as presents this year.First off, here’s the recipe for the truffles:Beat an 8 oz. package of cream cheese until smooth. Beat in 3 cups of…

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Delightful Potato Latkes

Delightful Potato Latkes by Virginia Roper

So I recently found myself with an abundance of potatoes that were making their best effort to grow roots in my cabinet. I’m fairly slow at eating potatoes, but am also unable to resist the allure of a 10lb bag of spuds that costs less then a buck. Thus, it became time to add more potatoes to my diet. I have begun this process by…

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Festive Sugar Cookies

Festive Sugar Cookies by Virginia Roper

So, I recently decided that it was sugar-cookie making time. I am a big fan of sugar cookies, and Christmas generally provides a good excuse for making them. It’s the same recipe that I’ve used for approximately forever and a half for making sugar cookies, and I shall include it here:Mix all, bake at 375 for 6-11 minutes.I got all…

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Mesir Wat, an Ethiopian dish involving serious amounts of lentils, fiber, and joy

Mesir Wat, an Ethiopian dish involving serious amounts of lentils, fiber, and joy by Virginia Roper

So I think mesir wat is my new favorite way to get fiber. Lentils are immensely high in fiber, along with a giant pile of other nutrients. See, we happened upon an Ethiopian grocery a few weeks back, whereupon I was struck with an overwhelming urge to…

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