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Tiffin Ideas for preschooler / Recipes for kids, babies

Tiffin Ideas for preschooler / Recipes for kids, babies by Vidya

My DS started his preschool and so daily I need to make something for his Tiffin. I prefer something which is healthy and his favourite. It’s a real tough job as he is a fussy eater like other kids of his age :) I surfed net but didn’t found much ideas for vegetarian snacks which I can pack for his Tiffin, so in this post I am…

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Sewai Kheer / Vermicelli Pudding

Sewai Kheer / Vermicelli Pudding by Vidya

Sewai Kheer is quick yet delicious sweet dish. Try it any time, I am sure you will make it often when you want to eat some quick dessert :)

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Masala Alu / Spicy Potato

Masala Alu / Spicy Potato by Vidya

Alu/Potato used in so many snacks like samosa, alu wada/batata wada, alu kachori and many more. Here I am posting a recipe of masala alu, which I invented :) when I was in hurry. I don't have much time to make any lengthy snack like samosa/batata wada. So I just peel and chopped some potato's, added available spices and cooked…

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