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Accomplishments - Frugal or Otherwise

Accomplishments - Frugal or Otherwise by TenThingsFarm's been a while. Sorry. I've just been busy and tired and kind of overwhelmed and tired and lazy. And tired. Here are some things that have been happening...with less detail than usual, most likely. At least now you know I'm still alive, though.Ms. HughesMs. PatmoreThe ladies are sharing a cage for now - they are still…

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Groceries and Menu Plan - Jan 13 - 19

Groceries and Menu Plan - Jan 13 - 19 by TenThingsFarm

GroceriesOne of my favorite 'tricks' is to buy a sale item - especially a produce or quickly perishable item - at the beginning of the sale week and again at the end of the sale. That's what happened this week with pineapple. They were $1 each at King Sooper, so we bought one on Wednesday, ate it up, and then the following Tuesday…

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Easy Homemade Window Cleaner that Works!

Easy Homemade Window Cleaner that Works! by TenThingsFarm

We were out of window cleaner, and my previous homemade window cleaner was a bit on the streaky side, so I went a-searching for a new, better recipe. I was happy to find one that not only works better but is made of ingredients I had on hand. Yes, it's cloudy once you shake it, but it gets glass c-l-e-a-n-!If you want to make some…

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Make Bird Seed Blocks at Home

Make Bird Seed Blocks at Home by TenThingsFarm

We enjoy watching the birds all year long. In the winter we like to offer them some food and water to encourage them to stay near. Making bird seed blocks saves a little money, plus it's a fun family activity. You can customize them with flavorings like peanut butter or add nuts, dried fruits and fruit or vegetable peels. We use…

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Our Thanksgiving Menu

Our Thanksgiving Menu by TenThingsFarm

Sometimes it's really fun to try new things, experiment with a challenging cooking technique, or create a modern twist on an old favorite. There are all sorts of books, magazines, websites and TV shows to spark creativity and encourage a little experimentation. Sometimes, it even starts to feel like pressure - we have a lot of…

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A Lesson from Grandma

A Lesson from Grandma by TenThingsFarm

I'm doing a lot of reading these days about faith, spirituality and relationships. I was prompted, not too long ago, to recall a fond memory, and this one came to mind. With Thanksgiving coming soon in the U.S., I wanted to share it with all of you who, like me, tend to get lost in the details sometimes.I was about 15 years old and…

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Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Accomplishments by TenThingsFarm

Hello, all! I just took a few photos this week - hope you don't mind! Here are our frugal accomplishments:I like to measure everything into the jar (so I know it will fit in the jar)...Food prep for the week included tuna croquettes, tartar sauce, carrot-raisin salad, lots and lots of green salad, Italian dressing mix, Italian…

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Goals for the Week

Goals for the Week by TenThingsFarm

Here's an update - I got more done this week than I did the week before.Last Week:Faithcontinue the book I'm reading/working through - Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright Letting God Come Close - An Approach to the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises by William Barry (You may be, I'm not…

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New Week, New Savings

New Week, New Savings by TenThingsFarm

Hi! Here's a summary of this past week!One day in Goodwill, I got three jigsaw puzzles for my inlaws for less than $2.We read library books and watched a couple of movies we borrowed from the library. We had family movie night this week, and watched Star Wars Episode II. Han Solo watched with us. See his big box of popcorn?Han…

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Another Frugal Week

Another Frugal Week by TenThingsFarm

Of all the things there are to can, green beans are my favorite!We have been working our new routines and chore lists this week. In part, this was to adjust back to having one child here instead of two. It was also in preparation for our school year, which started on Thursday. Here are some ways we saved money and enjoyed life:I…

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