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Turkey Roll-Ups

Turkey Roll-Ups by Stephen Crout

This is a take on the classic beef roulades.

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My new cookbook

My new cookbook by Stephen Crout

For information regarding my new cookbook, please write to me here: [email protected] It's fun; it's full of guidance for delicious dishes; it's available now (published only as an e-book in PDF format).

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Vietnamese-style chicken

Vietnamese-style chicken by Stephen Crout

I cannot attest to the authenticity of this recipe, but it is very tasty. The sugar helps it caramelize beautifully.Vietnamese-style chickenMarinate the chicken pieces in the above for 30 minutes or 2 hours.To cook:3 Tbs water2 Tbs sugar2 lemon grass stalks, trimmed and minced1 shallot, minced3 chilies, minced1 scallion, mincedPlace…

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I'm back - with Tomatillo Gazpacho

I'm back - with Tomatillo Gazpacho by Stephen Crout

I never stopped cooking - I just stopping blogging. But I'm back and very enthusiastic once again.Last Sunday I prepared a 6-course dinner for 8. It included olive tapenade (2 types), this gazpacho, a wilted kale salad, sauteed trout filets, potato salad, and chocolate cake with homemade ice cream.Tomatillos can be prepared raw or…

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Shrimp ceviche with taramosalata

Shrimp ceviche with taramosalata by Stephen Crout

You will need to find a Greek or Mid-Eastern market to get taramosalata, which is a dip-like paste of carp roe. That being said, I've made a substitute version that's easier to find: take a jar of caviar off-the-shelf at the supermarket (buy the best - most expensive - one they have). Mix it with sour cream or yogurt. Voila! You've…

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Cornish hens (what, again?)

Cornish hens (what, again?) by Stephen Crout

It's been quite a while since my last Cornish hen posting, and my technique has evolved.Spatchcock one bird (dinner for two).Brine in 2 cups water (with 2 Tbs kosher salt dissolved in it) for at least 2 hours; or up to 4.Rinse well and dry. Drizzle with butter, season with pepper, and place lemon slices under the skin…

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Just keep those seafood cakes coming to the table, Maestro

Just keep those seafood cakes coming to the table, Maestro by Stephen Crout

Just keep those seafood cakes coming to the table, MaestroFour seafood cakesCut the fish and shrimp into 1/2 inch pieces. Place them in the food processor and add 1/4 cup tortilla crumbs, chili garlic sauce, thyme, and salt and pepper. Process until well combined but not totally turned into a paste. Do it with pulses. Form into 4…

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Pile on the pilaf

Pile on the pilaf by Stephen Crout

Pile on the pilafCan't tell you the last time I simply posted a recipe from a cookbook (except maybe my own). Attribution is to Jane Brody.Actual title: Pilaf with a Purpose (adapted)Add bulgar, stir to coat; saute c. 3 minutes.Add all remaining ingredients and stir to blend.Bring to a boil.Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.A feast for…

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Pasta primavera with pig and pun

Pasta primavera with pig and pun by Stephen Crout

Pasta primavera with pig and punTechnically speaking the addition of ham isn't exactly kosher (ha, ha). This was a perfect warm weather supper.2 Tbs grated parmesanCook the pasta. Saute the next 8 things very lightly. Drain and add pasta. Toss. Place in bowls. Garnish with chives and parm. Go to town. Or go to the movies.

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Tomato coulis

Tomato coulis by Stephen Crout

Tomato coulisRoast the tomatoes at 225 degrees for a few hours. Nuke the bell pepper for a couple of minutes to soften. Put them in the food processor with everything else and whir until combined but not thinly pureed. Spread on quiche, or toast, sauteed fish.

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