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Special Ribbon Pakoda

Special Ribbon Pakoda by Sowmya Soundararajan

My mother-in-law makes awesome Ribbon Pakoda - so it happens to be one of the family favorites. So, whenever I make this crunchy snack, the expectations are really high. Thankfully, her special recipe works for me too!Ingredients:Method:Soak red chillies in 1/4 cup of warm water for half an hour. Grind thoroughly in a food processor…

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Mango Pachidi - chunky mango sauce

Mango Pachidi - chunky mango sauce by Sowmya Soundararajan

Mango pachidi is traditionally made in my family on Tamil New Year's day. While the practice involves using neem flowers as well, I had to forgo that as I couldn't find it anywhere in my area. The spicy, sweet-and-sour sauce is meant to reiterate the multiple facets of life.Method:Cut mango into 1 inch pieces with the skin. Chop green…

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Spicy red kidney beans curry (Rajma masala)

Spicy red kidney beans curry (Rajma masala) by Sowmya Soundararajan

Dark red kidney beans is an excellent source of protein, fiber and iron, among others. I try to include at least a cup of this every week in my meal. Here is one recipe that makes a great combo for flat breads.Ingredients:Method:Heat oil. Add asafoetida and fry chopped green chillies. Add onions and fry till they turn golden brown.…

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Karadaiyan nombu adai - sweet and savory versions

Karadaiyan nombu adai - sweet and savory versions by Sowmya Soundararajan

Karadaiyan nombu is a fasting event observed by some South Indian women. Legend has it that on this day, Savithri, a queen whose family was banished to the forest, got back everything they lost and also brought her dead husband back to life with her steadfast devotion.While it is supposed to be fasting food, I personally love the…

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Milk Kesari

Milk Kesari by Sowmya Soundararajan

A variant of the simple kesari, I loved this when a neighbor made it as an offering at a religious family function, got the recipe from her and tried it out.Ingredients:Method:Warm up the water and milk separately. Dissolve orange food color in a tablespoon of milk and set aside.Roast cashewnuts in 2 tbsp of ghee until golden brown,…

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Curry Pepper Gravy (Karuveppilai Milagu kuzhambu)

Curry Pepper Gravy (Karuveppilai Milagu kuzhambu) by Sowmya Soundararajan

This gravy comes in handy especially when someone at home is having a cold or fever - a great, traditional home remedy. My mother-in-law makes it almost every week as part of her regular menu, and that helps prevent cold and flu in the first place.Ingredients:Method:Wash and soak fresh curry leaves in a cup of water for about half an…

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Shahi bread pudding

Shahi bread pudding by Sowmya Soundararajan

With my sweet-tooth striking again, and not a lot of ingredients available handy to work with, I had to put together a little snack for the weekend. While the idea was in my head for a while, the New Year was the perfect opportunity! Hope this New Year brings health and all the happiness we wish for!Ingredients:white bread slices -…

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Eggless Christmas Fruit cake

Eggless Christmas Fruit cake by Sowmya Soundararajan

In my childhood, we used to share Diwali sweets and snacks with our neighbors, who reciprocated the favor during Christmas. Oh, I absolutely love those awesome fruitcakes they make for Christmas! With great hesitation, I tried the eggless version of the fruit cake, but it came out pretty good. Wish you all a very happy and healthy…

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Creamy Dum Aloo

Creamy Dum Aloo by Sowmya Soundararajan

Who doesn't love baby potatoes? Carefully selected, golden fried baby potatoes in rich and creamy gravy, this item is sure to be a hit in any party! Just put calorie-counting on hold while gorging on this though :)Ingredients:Method:Boil baby potatoes (or microwave them for five minutes), cool, peel them and keep aside.Soak cashewnuts…

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Eggless vanilla teacake

Eggless vanilla teacake by Sowmya Soundararajan

When I was in India, we never had a baking oven. Since childhood, it was my dream to be able to bake some day. When I moved to the US, where almost every home has a baking oven, this was the first cake I baked - and to this day, it is my personal favorite.Ingredients:Method:Preheat oven to 350 degrees (Fahrenheit). Sift flour with…

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