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How did I have my maggi one day?

How did I have my maggi one day? by Sowmya

With broccoli .... Another post which has been in my draft for sometime. Broccoli is something which is really healthy and should be an essential part of your diet. I buy them almost every week and use it in a soup or mixed veg . curry or pulao etc etc, though am not really too fond of its taste.I thought of experimenting with it this…

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Adhraki dum aloo- simple yet delicious

Adhraki dum aloo- simple yet delicious by Sowmya

PagesAdhraki dum aloo- simple yet deliciousBeing in India was so much fun. I enjoyed meeting and visiting friends. I got to learn new dishes from them which I promptly noted down to be put in my blog. One was baafle which I have already shared with you all and has been the most viewed recipe in Creative saga. There are many more…

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Vathal kuzhumbu- Tamilian's comfort food

Vathal kuzhumbu- Tamilian's comfort food by Sowmya

PagesVathal kuzhumbu- Tamilian's comfort foodYes indeed!! Ask a Tamilian and he would say vathal kuzhumbu and "chutta appalam"(roasted papads) is the most comfort food for him!!!!Basically this is a gravy with a blend of spices along with some vathals (dried vegetables) or sometimes even fresh vegetables. It is believed to have…

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Besan ladoo made differently- step by step pictures

Besan ladoo made differently- step by step pictures by Sowmya

PagesBesan ladoo made differently- step by step picturesBesan ladoo is usually made by roasting the gram flour or besan for sometime and then mixing with sugar syrup. But this method of preparation is totally different and I learned to make this from a Maharashtrian friend of mine. I am not usually too fond of besan ladoo, but when…

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Mixed fruit pancakes- a fruity indulgence!!

Mixed fruit pancakes- a fruity indulgence!! by Sowmya

PagesMixed fruit pancakes- a fruity indulgence (using attaWho doesn't like to start a day with a yummy and healthy breakfast. Breakfasts are supposed to be nutritious ,filling and balanced. And pancakes is indeed a filling one and could be made healthy with the proper ingredients, full of goodness. Though I would love to have them…

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Milagai podi

Milagai podi by Sowmya

PagesMilagai podi/chutney powder for idlis and dosasI never bought or tried making this chutney powder or also called as idli milagai powder before until I started making idlis and dosas frequently. I don't find time to make chutneys and sambars each time I make idlis, thats where this one comes to the rescue. So heres the recipe for…

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Parappu vadai or dal vada

Parappu vadai or dal vada by Sowmya

PagesParappu vadai or dal vadaNo festive lunch in Tamilnadu is said to be complete without Vadai (vada) and payasam (kheer). Though I never cook an elaborate lunch, I was quite eager to do so for this Diwali. So the lunch menu was of course parappu vadai and pal payasam along with drumstick sambar, tomato rasam, podalangai(snakegourd)…

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Pal payasam - An exclusive Indian dessert

Pal payasam - An exclusive Indian dessert by Sowmya

PagesPal payasam/phirni - An exclusive Indian dessertPal payasam/Kheer/rice pudding is an exclusive Indian dessert mostly prepared during festive occasions. As I had mentioned in my previous mail that vadai and payasam is certainly made during any Tamil festival. I had made this payasam for Deepavali lunch.There are various ways…

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Vegetable Uthapam

Vegetable Uthapam by Sowmya

PagesVegetable UthapamIts more often nowadays, that I make idli /dosa batter , sounds tedious, but then you can be completely relaxed when you have the batter in hand. There are so many things which you can make with it without having to spend much of your precious time in the kitchen. So apart from the usual dosas and idlis , one of…

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Pineapple upside down Cake

Pineapple upside down Cake by Sowmya

PagesPineapple upside down CakeMaking this kind of cake was in my mind for a long time. After a long gap, I set to bake a cake since I had all the ingredients and suddenly when I spotted a tray of freshly cut pineapple in my refrigerator, I decided it was going to be a Pineapple upside down cake. It came out great and tasted delicious…

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