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*snicker* by Sheri Heap

While I've gotten pretty damn good at converting gluten recipes to gluten free, I've neglected the creative side of me that comes up with recipes on the fly. Ain't no time like the present to start working on that.I have crammed myself into a pretty small space. So small that 90% of my cookbooks and prized baking pans are in boxes…

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I’ll trade my vacation for cake

I’ll trade my vacation for cake by Sheri Heap

Just think – if you attend the Gluten and Allergen-Free Expo next weekend, you could witness possible acts of awkwardness perpetuated by yours truly. C'mon…it'll be fun!Happy Easter, everyone. I sincerely hope that no one has coma-ed themselves with chocolate. I was smart this year and tempered the chocolate fix with a little…

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Excuse me?

Excuse me? by Sheri Heap

I recently took my Buick Rainier in for an oil change. I was sitting there minding my own business, playing some stupid game on my phone, when a service tech came in and pulled me off to the side. The water pump was leaking – $100 deductible to fix thanks to my ridiculously expensive extended warranty. However, shit that actually…

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Buckling down with blueberries

Buckling down with blueberries by Sheri Heap

Holy old nuts, is it cold today. For those of us that reside in the Midwest, today's temperature is just adding insult to injury. But hey, I've got blueberry buckle so it's all good. Until I have to go outside, that is.I was sitting in this very spot last night, playing Facebook games, reading, working and working on a project for…

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Sheri Heap

Baby, It’s Cold OutsideI wrote this post a few weeks ago but didn't have a picture to put in. I feel a little odd posting this now, seeing as Karina also posted a recipe for Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits today. I apologize for the craptastic picture – I finally decided to suck it up so I can move on to the next recipe, since I haven't…

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Would you like some BS with your banana bread?

Would you like some BS with your banana bread? by Sheri Heap

As I do every year, I spent the week before Christmas busting my tookas to make goodie bags for those near and dear. This year, the bags included body butter, eucalyptus bath salts, brown sugar body scrub, fudge, angelfood candy, hot cocoa mix and caramel corn. While I was flitting around the kitchen, I had quite a bit of time to…

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Only here

Only here by Sheri Heap

Real snippets of conversation late yesterday morning while out running errands with The Man:After pulling into a parking space at the local Dollar General…which is a hop-skip-and-jump from Subway…The Man: Man, a Philly cheese steak sure sounds good.Me: How do you figure you can call it a Philly anything when all you get is bread, meat…

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Scents versus the Sun

Scents versus the Sun by Sheri Heap

Scents versus the SunAfter making breakfast this past Saturday morning, I was hard-pressed to make a decision… Did I remain inside to enjoy the lingering scents of gingerbread waffles? Or did I go outside and clean out the flowerbeds and gardens? For a good portion of the morning, the scents won. I reclined on the couch with my…

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Who needs candy when you’ve got..?

Who needs candy when you’ve got..? by Sheri Heap

…cookies!Attempt #2: Puppy Linux. Forgetting about the whole monitor problem, I popped the disk in the cd drive of the beast on Wednesday night. It booted. I got the dreaded blue screen of death…before the screen went dark. OK. GINORMUS FAIL. I decided it was okay to freak out just a bit. The BSOD could be software-related,…

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Cream puffs and profiteroles and eclairs…oh my!

Cream puffs and profiteroles and eclairs…oh my! by Sheri Heap

Tired.I have a stack of cookies, cakes, and other wonderful stuff to share. But I’m tired. All the time. I broke down the beginning of January and started popping a daily truckload of vitamins, hoping that would help. Not so much. I’m so tired that I am not sarcastic 24 hours a day; it’s more like only 15 or 16.I’m barely…

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