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I need a little sympathy

I need a little sympathy by Sheri Heap

I really need to put a different CD or two into the stereo in the kitchen. I have been listening to so much Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac that I’m amazed I’m not running around in gypsy wear and platform boots.(STAND BACK!)I should probably say that I WOULD be running around in gypsy wear and platform boots but (1) I don’t have any…

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Breakfast num-nums

Breakfast num-nums by Sheri Heap

The Stepson and I have spent the weekend rotting our brains on our respective Xbox 360s. During the madness and mayhem we enjoyed, I managed to convert another Vault recipe to be gluten-free and tantalize my tastebuds in the process.(I also managed to play Guitar Hero for the first time in my life. It wasn’t pretty.)Actually it…

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A good reason to run the oven (besides warmth)

A good reason to run the oven (besides warmth) by Sheri Heap

It’s been pretty damn cold this week.Cold enough that:Every joint in my body is protesting…loudly and often. My knees, ankles and elbows crack with nearly every movement.I remember exactly why I hate winter. It’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s icy, and someday I am going to move to Arizona.The garage door ceased to function correctly…

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It all started with a broken fingernail…

It all started with a broken fingernail… by Sheri Heap

Since the middle of January, I have been seriously involved in the planning and implementation of a kitchen makeover. I’ve finally got the “new” room finished to the point that I am willing to share itIt all started on a Wednesday afternoon in early January, while doing my big cook for the boss. I stuck my fingertips into the groove…

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Scary amounts of healthy

Scary amounts of healthy by Sheri Heap

Scary amounts of healthyI decided yesterday to take advantage of my stuffy nose and stained my little wooden garden enclosure (the smell of stain is nauseating to me) and hit a couple of spots on the deck that had to be skipped last spring because of the growing flowers. I also tore apart the aquarium, but ran out of juice on that…

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Crusty, yet oh so soft

Crusty, yet oh so soft by Sheri Heap

This past February, you may recall, I did a quick update in my kitchen and dining room. Laminate flooring, fresh paint, storage cabinets in the dining room, hard-plumbing of my portable dishwasher, new sink and faucet. The kitchen was in a shambles for over three weeks that go-round. I couldn’t do much cooking during the process…

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All right, already

All right, already by Sheri Heap

You guys sure know how to make a girl feel good.Oh, hell. I might as well admit the truth. There’s a new addiction in my life and it’s called Facebook. Vampire Wars and Mafia Wars and Kidnapped and Pirates and YoVille and Sorority Life and Top Restaurant and Reign of Vampires and School of Magic and Roller Coaster Kingdom and…

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Scones for breakfast

Scones for breakfast by Sheri Heap

Certainly hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with those they love.Me – I am about turkeyed out. It was just The Man and me, so I made a breast and got two legs for him. The carcass fit perfectly into my 6-quart stock pot, so less than an hour after cleaning up the kitchen, I made a new mess. Go figure. I’ve eaten turkey…

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