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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Tapas, little food samplers, are taking over our tables nowadays. It is a lot of fun to be able to create your own version of these small culinary delicacies. I personally enjoy this way of eating a lot, because it gives me an opportunity to try different local flavors on a variety of plates. It also enhances the chance to socialize…

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Costicine al Lambrusco

Costicine al Lambrusco by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

When I visit Italy back home, I always want to take a day or two to visit my friends in Modena. They are special people, with a good heart and a great " joie de vivre". Maybe because they are surrounded by incredible food or some of the best sport cars in the world. Or maybe because they can go to the "Trattoria Il Fantino" any time…

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Gramigna con la Salsiccia

Gramigna con la Salsiccia by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Gramigna con la SalsicciaEmilia Romagna is known in Italy for its strong culinary tradition. This dish exemplifies all that is delicious about the region, and it's rustic comfort food. It is most typically found in or around the countryside of Bologna. Gramigna literally means "little weeds", it is a curly looking kind of egg pasta…

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Zucchine ripiene

Zucchine ripiene by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Zucchine ripieneThis recipe is somewhat hard to define,because it contains meat and vegetable and it could either be an antipasto or an excellent main course. Zucchini is another incredibly versatile vegetable. I can think of at least five or six different ways of cooking them in an exquisite and tasty way. You can obviously fry…

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Spaghetti alla busara

Spaghetti alla busara by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Spaghetti alla busaraIt's no mystery, by now, to whomever reads this blog , that I love seafood. Seafood is, for the most part extremely healthy. It is also very versatile, in the way that it can be prepared in a multitude of ways with different combinations and ideas, according to everyone's creativity. I'm also a big fan of…

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Risotto al nero di seppia

Risotto al nero di seppia by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Risotto al nero di seppiaRisotto has always been a very interesting dish to cook, because as in many other Italian dishes, one can be very creative in using different ingredients and combinations. My "comfort food" type of risotto has always been risotto with peas, easy to make and very tasty. However, since I came from a traditional…

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Olive Ascolane

Olive Ascolane by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Olive AscolaneOlive ascolane are deliciously stuffed green olives which are breaded and fried. They are originally from the Le Marche region of Italy. Thankfully, they are widely found all over Italy, and are easily made at home. In Italy, I would mostly enjoy them as an appetizer at a pizzeria. Olive ascolane are a great crowd…

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Brasato di Manzo al Sangiovese

Brasato di Manzo al Sangiovese by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Brasato di Manzo al SangioveseBrasato di manzo simply means braised beef in Italian. Nothing can be more comforting or satisfying than a delicious piece of meat that has slowly tenderized after hours of simmering. This is the perfect meal to enjoy on a chilly winter day, or any time you have a need for rustic cuisine. When I prepare…

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Seppie in umido con polenta

Seppie in umido con polenta by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Seppie in umido con polentaSeafood had always been a passion of mine and a costant presence in my family cooking. Besides being, for the most part, healthy and fairly simple to cook, seafood allows a certain degree of creativity and versatility. One element of cooking that I particularly value and enjoy is the simple ingredients and…

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Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Melanzane alla Parmigiana by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Melanzane alla ParmigianaVery few areas in Italy, and probably around the world , have such a rich culinary tradition like the Emilia Romagna region. Every city, every little "Borgo" or "Villaggio" is an incredible and exquisite concentration of wonderful people, romantic landscapes and, of course, pure, simple gluttony. I had the…

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